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Did using the Colorescience Firm and Repair eye cream give me any results after using it for 4 months? Today, I’ll share my review on this pricey eye cream with before and after pictures. Let see if it’s worth it!

Hey you guys it’s lauren welcome back so today’s video is going to be a review of the new color science total eye firm and repair cream this is the newest product to the total eye line this was released back in the fall and the brand did send this out to me and i tested it out consistently for four months straight on my right eye over here both underneath my

Eye above my eye i really wanted to focus it on my right eye i do have it’s probably hard to tell on camera especially with eyeshadow on but i have a little bit more hooding on that right eye and i just wanted to put this to the true test i did take before and after pictures as well color science has amazing clinical studies and i love their products i love the

Quality of the products you guys know i’ve raved about the flex sunscreens the brush on sunscreens are great but when i saw the price of this eye cream it’s a hefty price tag you guys we’ll get into that in a second but i figured it would be the perfect candidate for one of these testing videos especially a four month test i didn’t actually think it would take me

Four months to get through this but the product does really go a long way but for the price i really wanted to test it out so you guys could see if it was worth putting your money towards this eye cream so all right lots to get through so let’s go ahead and carry this is 0.6 fluid ounces we have 18 ml of product and it is in a nice airless pump package i do really

Enjoy that packaging and let’s read through the claims here so this is to visibly improve all signs of skin aging including dark circles puffiness skin laxity crow’s feet and dehydration i thought that was a funny claim right there because obviously a quick fix for dehydration just drink some water i thought that was interesting but other big claims on here promote

Healthy collagen and it helps energize the skin for immediate and long-term improvement provide moisture-rich hydration to support the skin barrier health and smooth the appearance of crepey skin intensely hydrating and soothing long-term improvement in the signs of aging all around the eye area it is safe around the eyes for contact lens wears and for sensitive

Eyes dermatologist tested ophthalmologist tested it’s vegan paraben free and fragrance free and then as far as the ingredients go you guys know that’s my jam i usually skim through the clams and just look at the ingredients because that is going to tell us what the product is actually going to do so lots of really nice emollients humectants nice hydrators in here

First ingredient is water we have glycerin squalene meta femme seed oil so both of these ingredients have great emollient properties on the skin packed with amino acids they really help strengthen the skin’s barrier help to hold water in and great for smoothing and hydrating the skin as well there’s panthenol in here another nice soother and then going down the

List we have caffeine caffeine’s always good to see in eye creams i do appreciate it but i have mixed feelings on it just from personal use of caffeine more so with um my experience in the hospital so being a nicu nurse we actually use caffeine as a stimulant in preemies to stimulate their breathing we give it as an iv drug it can also be an enteral drug but for

Me even giving it iv sometimes we see no effect in these tiny premature infants it’s hard to say whether or not we’re seeing vascular changes but if we don’t see a difference in the heart rate you can most likely guarantee that the capillaries these little tiny vessels around the eyes probably aren’t shrinking and it’s probably not decreasing um eye puffiness i

Am dropping product all over the place probably not making a difference in the puffiness around the eyes if these little capillaries aren’t actually shrinking another factor is actually getting caffeine to these deeper layers of the skin so long story short i’m not really convinced that topically caffeine can actually draw water away from the under eye and help

Your puffiness i’m just not convinced i think it’s a big marketing thing and maybe there’s studies out there you know what i’m going to find some studies and links them down below if i can find them because i am curious but yeah that’s just my experience with it so but it’s it’s cool to see and we know that it does act as a good anti-inflammatory agent as well so

If anything it’s nice soother for underneath the eyes or a good antioxidant has antioxidant benefits as well there’s a mushroom extract in here i love to see mushroom mushroom has great humectant properties oh there’s also buckthorn berry oil in here we know buckthorn berry oil has some great properties as well great for the skins barrier great um omega and nice

Fatty acid components there to help plump up the skin’s barrier so that is great to see and then further down the ingredients but not less on the list we have our peptide we have a pometol tripeptide five it’s nice to see this higher on the ingredient list a lot of the times you’ll see the peptides way down on the ingredient list so it looks like this is this eye

Cream’s big claim to fame peptides do have some promising studies out there um there’s a i shouldn’t say a lot of studies but i did see this one study that actually showed collagen and elastin being produced in a petri dish dish because of the peptide precursor think of peptides as a piece of a protein collagen and elastin are also proteins so if you have this

Precursor to a peptide a peptide i can’t talk this morning oh my gosh i need more coffee the idea is that this peptide will produce the proteins elastin and collagen and this one particular study actually showed collagen and elastin being produced in this petri dish so pretty cool i do love me a peptide if anything they do have great plumping abilities they really

Plump up the skin and smooth out the skin because of that the water retaining capabilities so i still don’t think though it’s packed with these anti-aging ingredients to claim that 98 price tag i would have loved to see a retinal ingredient in here now that’s another thing we don’t have a lot of studies that show retinol actually helps with under eye wrinkles

Believe it or not retinol is one of the most studied or i should say retinoids are the most single studied skincare ingredient that actually make a difference in the skin so if you want to add an anti-ager to your routine go for retinol that’s the one proven ingredient that really will smooth out the skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles but it’s interesting

That there’s not a lot of studies about retinol around the eye but even still we know it works so usually when i go for an eye cream i do like to see retinol in an eye cream because i actually know it’s doing something otherwise i could just use my peptide moisturizer and put it underneath my eyes so yeah i don’t know um number one proven anti-age i would have

Liked to see that in this eye product for 98. i just don’t feel like it’s stacked for 98 bucks all right so we just talked about the ingredient list now let’s talk about the consistency of this product this is a super rich cream i was really impressed when i first used this i’m like yes finally i love an eye cream that creates a little barrier underneath my eyes

I want something to be occlusive to hold water in i just wanted to be able to do its magic overnight and to not evaporate right away squeeze a little bit out much but just enough to show you okay yeah that little bit is just gonna have to do so the littlest bit goes a long way there are just a couple dots there when you smooth it in it takes a little bit to warm

Up with your fingers but it does smooth into the skin pretty nicely but you do have to work fast with it if not it does it it can pill up i did notice this not initially but when i overdid it with the product almost got a little pasty and it can get flaky if you ever do it so you only need a very small amount i would say three dots underneath your eyes and super

Teensy teensy dots and that is why it took me four months to go through it’s only 18 mls but like i said a little bit goes a long way so you’re really getting your money’s worth there even though this is pricey this is going to last you i do wish this was a little bit more watery i do wish this had a little bit more of that liquidy consistency i know i just said

I like an occlusive barrier but this was a little too pasty for my liking it’s not as silky i would have liked to see a little bit more of like an oily i said water but more of like an oily component to it this does work nicely underneath concealer if i use a little bit again if i use too much it did flake with concealer so just be careful and don’t overdo it and

I really don’t feel like you need to overdo it because as you’ll see i did get some nice results even with using just a tiny bit underneath that and quickly before we get into the before and after pictures i wanted to talk about eye aging so we know there are certain ingredients like peptides and retinols that can make a difference in our under eye firmness but i

Just wanted to point out that there’s some things that are just inevitable with aging your eyelids eventually droop over time there’s a lot of factors because of this one of the big factors is because of the loss of muscle you you it’s almost like an atrophy of your muscles as you age unfortunately as you lose that muscular church support on the skin your eyelids

Tend to droop another factor is because of these fat pads underneath your eyes that slowly start to descend as you age so that will naturally bring your eyes down as well also the third factor bone loss in your orbital bone your orbital bone becomes more hollow as you age so your eyes are going to look naturally more sunken in causing more under eye darkness so

I know all these fun things right we have to look forward to obviously they are some big contenders for an eye cream to deal with so these are not gonna be miracle workers you’re not gonna let’s see who looks really good these days oh how about the kardashians oh my god i just saw them the new show on hulu they are looking high and tight these days and i can tell

You it is not the eye cream they’re using but again some of these ingredients will make an impactful difference so let’s see if this did the job all right so now this is what you guys want to see i know the results so i tested this over four months it took me i wasn’t planning to do four months but it took me four months to get through this product i only used

It on my right eye so i wanted to see if it would help with lifting the eye and also obviously smoothing out the creepiness underneath my eyes i do have some premature fine lines and wrinkles i’ll be 38 this year let me show you the negatives and then we’re going to end on the positive but when i first looked at these comparison pictures i noticed my crow’s feet

On the after pictures were actually a little bit worse now this could have to do with my hydration status on the day i took these pictures which is why i pointed out that initial claim at the beginning where they claim that it was going to help signs of dehydration who knows i might be able to just drink some extra water and it would smooth out these crow’s feet

Um now i will zoom in so you guys can see if you see any differences live on camera but that was my first thought but then let’s get to the positives so when i looked at this picture even further i noticed underneath the center of my eye i have much more smoother skin less crepiness i do feel like my under eyes a little bit brighter as well and overall just more

Smooths and i also noticed the hood of my eye actually looks a little less pronounced so overall i was really excited to see these before and after pictures the creepiness underneath my right eye has markedly improved which is interesting because when i’m looking at my eyes in the mirror i’m not noticing like huge changes but looking at the before picture i do

See everything and then just to pull you guys in really up close and personal right now let’s see if we can tell a difference live on camera so my right eye maybe looks a little smoother i have definitely some creepiness on the outside what do you think do you think these lines look a little bit more pronounced on the right i think these the outside lines look

Pretty similar but i do you can see my concealer sinking in right here i do feel like i do have some more fine lines on that left side so i i don’t know i’m pretty excited i feel like there’s subtle changes but the changes are there so i’m glad to see 90 wouldn’t be a complete waste of money if you put your money out for this eye cream would i repurchase it again

I don’t think so again i wish this was a little bit more of a silky consistency a little bit more oily you’re getting a super rich cream here but i don’t know there’s something about it it’s like almost too rich it’s very heavy but to see the changes i don’t know i’m excited about that interesting that it didn’t really make a difference on the crow’s feet but it

Made a difference more on the creepiness underneath my eyes so i don’t know if that skin just well first of all you have less elastin and collagen underneath that under eye as it is so i don’t know maybe i did get just some additional proteins underneath that eye to to firm up the under eye who knows but again i’m excited to report that this cream did have some

Smoothing result 98 bucks it is expensive but it seems to work i’d love to hear from you guys down below if there’s an eye cream out there that you’ve had success with do you notice big changes with eye creams is there a specific ingredient you look for in eye creams what’s your favorite i’d love to hear from you guys are you interested in this eye cream also to

Let me know if you’ve tried anything else from the total eye line from color science i know everybody raised about the three in one let me know if you guys think that one is worth it that’s a little cheaper too as well and that one also has spf in it i know i saw online that each total eye product has their patented five ingredients for firming and repairing the

Under eye but i could not for the life of me find out what these exact five ingredients were um so that’s just something to point out but yeah i don’t know it works subtle results on my soon to be 38 year old skin but it did work to smooth the skin so i’m excited that i have positive results to report here today thank you again for watching this video you guys

You guys are the best thank you guys for all your sweet kind comments and i appreciate you guys so much if you’re not subscribed already i’d love to have you everybody’s been telling me that my youtube name has been hard to search so until i change my channel name if i ever do change my channel name maybe just hit that subscribe button and you’ll know where to

Find me then and it won’t be hard to search but i’d love to have you guys but you guys are the best thank you again for watching and i will see you guys in my next video bye guys you

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