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What Exactly is Slim Fit, Modern Fit, & Tailored Fit?


Hey guys gonna see about style i’m jose zuniga for the speed star but i wanted to talk about a fit guide so we got a dis email from one of our viewers where he was asking what was the difference between slim fit tailored fit or moderate fit and that’s actually a very good question as i actually struggle with that a lot so i won’t focus too much on the loose and

Boot-cut fit cuz thats fits that i don’t use and i don’t promote and i don’t like how they look so i’ll just be focusing on those three there’s also regular fit which regular fit is more of that straight cut or straight cut that’s so regular and straight cut are kind of used interchangeably sometimes and all that is is just you know basically a straight cut again

That’s not a fit that i like too much i usually when i do get straight cut i end up tailoring the bottom so i’m going to talk about the last three fit so now i’m into the clothing business and i’m you know working on manufacturing i actually know a lot more than what i did before and basically all that is all its allowance how much allowances is in each fit the

Hard part is to compare it on different brands so for example getting a slim fit from let’s say a poor combi which is known for you know very tight stuff and then getting a slim fit from let’s say levi’s jeans is going to be completely different the levi’s jeans is obviously going to fit a little bit looser and it’s still going to be very tight but it’s going

To be looser than the abercrombie so it’s very hard to compare from two different brands what you need to do is to focus on one brand and then notice what the difference is usually if you go online they will give you a size guide on what their sizes are what’s the differences in size guys so all that really is is allowance but as a general rule you know skinny i

Would always avoid because all skinny is a skinny tight stuff unless you’re very very skinny even then though i still would avoid it because even really skinny people that wear skinny jeans just make him look even skinnier you know so i would avoid skinny at all cost so skinny all it is is very tight stuff it and it’s like that in almost all the brands so skinny

I would avoid you’re basically left with slim fit tailored or modern fit slim fit it’s almost bordering skinny slim fit i would only really suggest it to people that are very skinny and you know very very skinny because it’ll probably fit them good if you’re not skinny you’re basically average weight avoid slim fit the slim fit is just going to make you look like

You’re weighing skinny you know so slim fit is you to leave them the tightest fit on almost any brand then you have tailored and modern now usually a brand will only have tailored or modern it’s very rare to find a brand that has you know skinny slim fit tailor modern fit you know it’s usually three types which is skinny slim fit and then it’s either tailored or

Modern because usually what i always notice is that tailored and modern fit is used very interchangeably and all tailored and modern fit is it’s basically slim fit with a little bit more allowance you know so the midsection is not going to be as tapered and i usually tend to go for the tailored or mono fit reason being is because like i’ve explained and a lot of

My videos is i usually have a big drop you know for example on my waist so i buy something that’s a little bit that it’ll fit me a little bit better and then all i do is i tailor it in and i do it with the pants as well so if i buy jeans i usually go for a modern fit or a tailored fit something like that and then all i do is bring down the bottom to a more more

Tailored fit so i have a nice allowance on the top and then bring it down on the bottom so i usually like to go with modern and table because it gives you more allowance more fabric and then you can just tailor down to your liking you know and slim fit and skinny you have no allowance you have no extra fabric and you can’t tailor down you actually need a tailor

Out and that’s at can be a lot harder than tailor eat it tailoring in so that’s basically the guy i hope that video was helpful i hope it kind of explained a little bit you know again it’s very hard to compare two different brand sizing you need to stick to one bread and look at their size guide and then go into another brand and don’t expect their size guide to

Be the exact same size gun from another brand because we’ll be using two different things so i hope that video was helpful i hope that helps you shop a little better if it wasn’t ready to like up but also subscribe but a tube it is every week thank you for watching

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What Exactly is Slim Fit, Modern Fit, & Tailored Fit? By Teachingmensfashion