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what i eat in a day living alone *no diet + (kinda) healthy*

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Good morning guys welcome to today’s vlog so for today’s vlog i am going to be doing a what i eat in a day video which i always think those are so fun so this is future maddie jumping in i totally forgot to just kind of mention like my eating habits and talk about that in the beginning of the video i meant to do that and i just kind of forgot i don’t do any

Diets i don’t have any like eating issues or anything like that like i’m not gluten free i’m not vegan i’m not vegetarian i kind of just eat whatever i want um i do end up eating a lot of vegetarian stuff i feel like because i personally just don’t like cooking meat but i do eat meat like when i go out to eat and all that stuff and i do cook me i just don’t

Do it very often so a lot of my meals do end up being vegetarian but not like intentionally so yeah that’s kind of just like a little preface to this video i personally love watching these types of videos because i get so much meal inspo from them and i find new recipes so i think they’re really fun i haven’t done one of these videos in so long so i thought

It was finally time to do one before we get started huge shout out and thank you to the sponsor of this video liquid iv liquid iv is a hydration multiplier it’s a non-gmo electrolyte drink mix powered by cellular transport technology to deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than just water alone okay time for a little taste test so

I have tried the strawberry flavor and i love the strawberry but i have been saving the lemon lime one to try for you guys so you can get my reaction and everything so we’re gonna do a little taste test and see how it is so the instructions just say add to 16 ounces of water and this water bottle that they gifted me is 16.9 ounces which is absolutely perfect

Okay three two one oh wait that actually tastes really good liquid iv is amazing because one stick one little powder stick contains three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with five essential vitamins and every purchase of liquid iv they donate a serving to someone in need around the world yeah i really hope you guys go and check them out i

Am gonna have all their links down below they were kind enough to give me a coupon code for you guys so all that info will be in the description box down below for you guys dude shout out and thank you to liquidive for sponsoring today’s video now back to the normal video hello my beautiful apartment hi so i think this video is going to kind of be like what

I eat in a day sort of vlog i guess okay so there’s this girl on tick tock that i am obsessed with her name is kate she makes all these different kinds of matches every single day and she has convinced me to try matcha so i got this matcha green tea latte mix from trader joe’s i know it’s not like normal authentic matcha so i thought this might be a good way

To try it again normally i start my day out with coffee but we are going to try something a little different and try out the matcha so we’re going to make a iced matcha latte okay here it is it looks really pretty okay let’s do a little taste test it’s definitely not bad i feel like i would like it when it’s like flavored with stuff so i have to play around

With it a couple more times and figure out like some good flavor combos my goal in life right now is to be just like the tick tock girlies and i bought an ice roller so i found this on amazon i will link it on my storefront it was 60 off so i was like why not just try it um and it’s a gel ice roller so you’re supposed to like roll your face in the morning so

We have our matcha latte and our ice roller oh it’s cold and we’re gonna be just like the tick tock girlies this is my first time trying the ice roller i just got it in the mail yesterday and it doesn’t like roll very nicely but it does feel really really good it’s supposed to help with like deep huffing your face it does feel really good actually like first

Thing in the morning i’m a fan okay this one this one’s a win i like this one of course we have to make some breakfast i’m hungry so i’m gonna make my usual breakfast which is something that i call egg toast um it’s really nothing special it’s just a scrambled egg on a piece of toast but i put uh everything but the bagel seasoning on it so it makes it really

Good here is my beautiful breakfast we’ve got the egg toast and the matcha this is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast usually i end up watching gossip girl while i eat breakfast but i’m trying to not do that anymore because i always get sucked into another episode and then i just sit on the couch for like an hour when i don’t need to so i’m trying to not

Do that so lately i’ve been trying to just eat my breakfast at the counter and i’ll like scroll on my phone right now i’m actually gonna do the wordle this is kind of like turning into a routine video but but i usually do this while i’m eating breakfast so i have three daily games that i play of course wordle but then there’s taylortl which is a taylor swift themed

Wordle so it’s all taylor swift related words and then i also played tay hurdle which is a song version of wordle kind of so it gives you a one second clip at the beginning of a taylor swift song and you have to guess what the song is and i’m pretty good at it so we’re gonna play some games just why i eat it’s a good little um morning ritual that i have guys i

Got it in two tries okay don’t worry i’m not spoiling anything i always share this with my mom because my parents play and it’s turned kind of into a little competition to see who can get it in less tries now on to the tail ordeal i got the tail ordeal in three tries honestly guys i’m just really good at this i’ve gotten really good at it okay we’re gonna do the

T hurdle together so i haven’t played the song yet i think i’m gonna say forever and always but the acoustic or the piano version wait one more time yeah i got it so okay i just got ready for the day so i just wanted to show you guys my outfit we’re going super casual today i don’t have anything like planned out that i need to really do today i have

Some computer work that i need to do and then i need to stop by the post office and maybe we’ll get a smoothie bowl because my favorite smoothie bowl place is on the way but i just wanted to do like a super casual sort of outfit so that’s what this is my top is from princess polly leggings are from pink all my jewelry is from anna louisa okay i’m in the car now

Obviously i don’t know why i say that every single time i start vlogging in the car you can tell i’m in the car oh my god i’ve been looking for this why was this back there i don’t know but i am really happy that i just found that so i was looking for that the other day and i didn’t know where it went so i have a poshmark order that i need to go and drop off at

The post office i tried to go yesterday well i did go yesterday and then they were unexpectedly closed at 3 30. um there was like a note on the door saying that they were sorry for the inconvenience but they closed at 3 that day so that was unfortunate because i went all the way over there which it’s not that far so it wasn’t that big of a deal but i still need

To ship this but i’m gonna treat myself to i think i’m gonna do a smoothie instead of a smoothie bowl i literally can’t win i get all the way to the post office they’re closed until 1 30. it’s 12 30. so then i’m like okay maybe i’ll just go to the sweeney place and sit there for a while no parking anywhere anywhere no street parking nothing absolutely nothing so

I’m like okay i’m just gonna go home we’ll try again in an hour or so that was honestly just so annoying i’m really just like inconvenienced so it’s not that big of a deal but that was the second time i’ve tried to go to the post office to ship the same thing two days in a row i think they were probably just like on their lunch or something which was fine but

I’m just annoyed because it’s like exactly the time that i go over there they have to be closed probably go in like an hour and a half so it’s like two o’clock maybe it’ll be less busy so i can park somewhere and then the post office should be open um because when i tried to go yesterday they closed at three and i went at 3 30 so i like just missed them um so

Hopefully that doesn’t happen again um i’m just gonna keep doing my computer work i am a little hungry so i think i’m just gonna like snack a little i am obsessed with these white cheddar cheeto puffs they’re really good i’m gonna snack on these watch some gossip girl it’s 2 30 and we’re gonna try this again i’m gonna go back over to the post office stop by

The smoothie place i think i’m gonna stop into a couple shops too not planning on buying anything and i really hope i don’t find anything that i want to buy but the shops over there are just so cute and i love going and walking around them and just like window shopping a little okay so my outing is officially done i hung out at fruition for a while and just

Kind of enjoyed my smoothie it’s really really good um it has banana dates almond butter almond milk cinnamon and i think that’s it oh and vanilla protein powder it did so good i was like honestly really surprised so i hung out there for a while and then i went over to a cute little shop they have the most beautiful little home decor things there i’m obsessed

With that place so i went there and checked all that stuff off didn’t buy anything good for me um and then i also dropped off my stuff at the post office i did that first that was a fun little outing i had fun okay guys it is almost five and it is time to go to the gym guys i’m back from the gym i’m so sweaty that room is like a sauna okay i need to like cool

Down a little bit and then i’m gonna shower because i feel disgusting right now and then get back on my computer and do more work but it’s so nice and sunny in here the sun sets on this side so i get all this beautiful sunlight in the afternoon and night time and it just makes it so like cozy and warm in here it’s just oh i love it hi so we’re all nice and

Showered i even washed my hair and everything um so it’s actually eight o’clock i took a very long break but i’m starting to get a little hungry which this is actually kind of normal for me this is probably not great but i always kind of eat dinner really late um and i think it’s mostly because this past semester i had night classes and just like the timing of

When i would have to leave and everything um i would eat like a bigger lunch and then i would just wait to eat dinner until i got back from class so i had classes monday tuesday and wednesday from 6 p.m to 9 00 pm um most of my classes got out around 7 30 8-ish um but by the time i got back here and like started cooking and everything i wouldn’t eat until 8 30

9-ish so i feel like i’m still kind of on that routine a little bit but i am going to make some leftovers so i made these amazing rice bowls yesterday i roasted some brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes so i’m gonna make some more rice and heat up the brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and then cut up some more cucumbers and tomatoes actually i think i might

Skip the tomatoes they weren’t that good in the rice bowl last night so i’ll skip those and then i’ll make the dressing and everything it was so so good last night so i’m excited to eat that again okay one thing that i do kind of want to talk about is how difficult it can be to cook real meals and everything when you live by yourself because i’m only one person i

Can only eat so much so what ends up happening is i will end up making this amazing recipe and force myself to eat it for like four days straight because there’s so many leftovers and i don’t want to be wasteful um things just aren’t packaged for one person a lot of things are packaged and recipes are made for four five six people so it can be kind of difficult

When you’re living by yourself because yes there are recipes that give you the measurements that would be perfect for one serving but then you still have to buy all of these ingredients that don’t come in one serving packages i do eat a lot of leftovers i make some fun recipes now and then but i do eat a lot of leftovers just because i don’t want to be wasteful

But i did want to mention that because i feel like not that many people talk about that aspect of living by yourself okay here it is it’s so beautiful here i’ll give you guys a close-up okay like you guys saw when i was making it we have the rice with the dressing roasted sweet potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts some onion cucumber and feta cheese as per

Usual i’ll do a little taste test we’ll get some some of everything on here seriously so good and i feel like it’s pretty healthy too normally i will eat dinner while i watch tv right now i’m watching gossip girl so i’m gonna go ahead and watch that okay so i just finished eating dinner it’s almost nine and it was really really good but i don’t think i’m gonna

Eat anything for the rest of the night since it’s already late so i’m gonna end the video here thank you guys so so much for watching i really hope you guys enjoyed it so don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already again all of liquid ivs info and links will be in the description box down below huge shout out and thank you to them for sponsoring today’s

Video and that’s gonna be it for me today i love you guys and i will see you very soon bye

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what i eat in a day living alone *no diet + (kinda) healthy* By madilyn miller