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WHAT IS OLAPLEX ? 2021 HONEST UPDATE | HOW TO USE OLAPLEX? [ Olaplex No. 0 & Olaplex No. 3 ]


This amino propyl di glycodamalia this amino propyl di glycodymalate this amino product is your feminine we have gone so long without having olaplex so why in the world would we need it now well this video is a follow up to my last year video and i’m going to be spelling the t and giving you all all of the details what is up everyone welcome to the brandon

Experience home of the best beauty education on youtube and business building done the right way my name is brandon and on today’s episode i’m going to be talking to you all about olaplex do we really need olaplex in 2021 who is it for what exactly is it and if you choose to use it where should you look for it so last year about i don’t know maybe april or

May i recorded an olaplex video which i have noticed is getting a lot of traction well today i’m going to give you the modern real best version of that video that i gave you all last year so let’s get right into it so what is olaplex olaplex is a bond multiplier meaning that we have these little tiny bonds inside of our hair so when we brush our hair we get

Mechanical damage or twisted or braided kind of just playing it all day thermal damage which is caused by using our flat and smoothing irons hot combs blow dryers in excess of heat there’s so many things that can contribute towards that and then we have our chemical damage which is caused by color lightning and relaxer services even perm surfaces what olaplex

Does is it goes into the inner structure of our hair and relinks those little vines that are broken and forms an even stronger bond so olaplex has a patented ingredient that people cannot duplicate as of right now the name of this active ingredient is this aminopropyl di glycodymalia whoa that was a mouthful right i feel like missy elliott is sure there are

Other companies that have things that help to support structure of hair no one can do what olaplex is doing currently because they have the patent on that active ingredient so who is olaplex for olaplex is for virgin hair it’s for curly hair it’s for wavy hair it’s for straight hair then it’s everything you need all in one product well not exactly oliplex does

A great job of providing a moderate amount of hydration but if you are a person that has extremely dry and brittle hair i would advise that you support your olaplex system with some type of deep hydrating treatment one of my favorites would be redken all soft heavy cream i keep this in my shower because i’m a person that fights and struggles with dry brittle hair

Olaplex is also not a keratin i see that online so many times i’m even a part of some professional hair stylist education communities and it literally drives me nuts when i see it because oliplex is not a keratin treatment i personally do not recommend that anyone shampoos their hair on a daily basis however that is how safe the active ingredients and olaplex is

You can use it on a daily if you wish if you are a person that needs strength in your hair then i would recommend something like the color wow breakage cocktail this is a kale infused cocktail that has natural protein building amino acids in it so this is something that will work completely different which would be wonderful and safe to use in conjunction with

Your olaplex routine so the olaplex system is numbered it goes from number zero all the way down to number seven which is the bonding oil so number zero is the pre-treatment that you use before number three so you don’t wanna use number zero by itself it is to be used in conjunction with number three so think of that as like your amplifier or your booster to make

Your number three work even better number one and number two are professional products that should be used in the salon by your salon professionals so those of you that used to like go on walmart’s website now they have come out with a product that’s going to give you those same type of effects but safely and you’re not going to have to spend 10 tons of money to

Buy a product that you really don’t have a need for at home number three is a great pre-shampoo treatment so number zero and number three they go together to make the ultimate treatment before you shampoo your hair that brings us to number four that brings us to number four which is your shampoo and number five so these pair together excellent four and five are

Your shampoo and conditioner so after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair then you have number six this is the bond smoothing leave-in conditioner i think that this pairs well with number seven zero and three one and two four and five and then you have six and number seven the binding oil is a thermal protectant which i like so that kind of like boost

Number six you get the smoothing from here and then you get the shine and thermal protection from number seven if you want a detailed breakdown of like what each of these products are and what they do check out my video from last year i go into deeper detail about each product how to store them and how you can get the maximum benefits out of them why should a

Person use olaplex we have gone all of these years and we have never had this so why now all of a sudden the short answer is that things change science progresses we learn new things about hair and different ways to take care of our hair the things that we did a long time ago are not things that we continue to do now so when we know better we do better i compare

Olaplex to a seat belt originally cars didn’t have seat belts we still were able to drive right however now that we have seat belts we have a little added safety and that is exactly what all the plexi is it is a insurance for your hair it is a seat belt for your hair it gives you more safety and more protection so where should you buy olaplex from olaplex should

Be purchased from an authorized retailer there is so much bootlegging that goes on on the market with hair products people make all kind of products and refill them with things they’re expired you don’t know what they have done to them so you want to shop with a salon professional authorized distributor on the olaplex website they offer their products you can

Shop for them in sephora and if you know me you know i prefer that you support small businesses no shade to sephora however i think sephora gets their money no matter what you are unaware of what salon to go to i do offer the olaplex line on as well yes in 2021 i am still saying that olipex is an excellent product that i think that almost

Anyone can benefit from no this is not a paid video no this is not a sponsorship i’m not endorsed by other plugs i like to let you all know the truth i talk about products that i love and since my last video was getting a little bit of momentum i wanted to give you all an update and let you all know i’m still rocking with olaplex and you can still trust it i hope

This video has been informative for you i hope that i am delivering the type of content that you all need please leave me comments below ask me questions if you are concerned about your hair and you just cannot figure out what to do with it i am offering a new service on my website consult virtual consultations are available i have a

Scheduling platform on there you can go book your consultation and i’m going to talk to you about all things hair product recommendations and get you on your way to your best hair life i look forward to seeing everybody next week thank you all so much for watching everyone please continue to stay safe and be well see you all next week same place same time same channel as always peace

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WHAT IS OLAPLEX ? 2021 HONEST UPDATE | HOW TO USE OLAPLEX? [ Olaplex No. 0 & Olaplex No. 3 ] By The Brandon Experience