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What Morgan Stanley Says About Xpeng Stock, Price Prediction


Good morning everyone welcome to ipo market watch thank you very much for joining me here now good morning here it is 10 o’clock in the morning uh in back in the in new york time it must be was it say here 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 o’clock in the morning in new york if you’re awake good morning the weather here is really bad really bad here on the island i mean there’s no way

To get out of the island if you wanted to not by sea not by air nothing we’re we’re under really bad weather here but i hope that you guys have better weather all right um expand what morgan stanley had to say right so there was something morgan stanley had to say plus news about expanding they they achieved something that not even neo did and some other ones uh

But i’ll tell you guys in the end what i think about expand because i did did say in the past uh video my like three days ago or four days ago that i did a new video that i’m done with chinese stocks right so don’t think i’m promoting expand but there are a lot of people who are still invest in x-men and i don’t say that’s a bad thing x-bang is a good company

New is a good company they’re awesome stocks they’re awesome there’s nothing wrong with x-paying as a stock but the problem is the chinese government which causes me to just i have an uncertainty other people don’t have uncertainty they don’t care uh but yeah so 46.28 cents xpv is the ticker symbol the lifetime chart you’re looking at for x paying and i never

Thought i’d say this but lucid group looks kind of attractive now since the chinese government answered the uncertainty in my in my mind in my in my mind i don’t um uh trust uh anymore uh so i used to be very bearish on lucid i mean i’m not going to buy right now at 44 but it looks more attract if i were to buy it looks more attractive to me than unfortunately

X-men although x-paying is awesome so expand corporation designs develops manufactures and market smart electric vehicles in china all right this will go for those of you who may not have ever heard of this stock before and there’s nothing wrong with that uh it offers suvs under the g3 name and so on let’s get to the news real quick um so here’s the big news and

This is awesome news for the stock right x-pang has obtained the iso 27001 the the first emerging smart ev maker coming out of china that gets this iso which is basically information security management system privacy protection management system certification all right by the british standard institution so basically they can be in europe right they can be

Which they are they have a president in norway so yeah so you can basically be in europe and boast about how you have this iso now right no other chinese eevee maker ear maker has this so the bsi certifications cover an extensive scope including clean energy vehicle design research and development manufacturing sales and supporting services internet connected

Vehicle services and advanced driver systems advanced driver assistance systems and management platform design development maintenance services for x-banks products and systems for the chinese market x-peps establishment systems and networks already feature triple layer triple layer data security firewalls artificial intelligence power cloud-based mobile data

Security functions all supported by encrypted high performance chips so um software uh so x-band is doing awesome and it is a great stock and sadly it’s the chinese government kills it all some of the things here this is from morgan stanley right so x-pang is picked as a research tactical idea says morgan stanley so we pick x-bang as a research tactical idea

At morgan stanley with analyst team isia predicting that the share price will rise over the next 15 days basically for the rest of the month they’re saying that expand will rise uh isia believes that xbank’s dual listing in hong kong should meaningfully hedge any operations or funding risks that that a d listing could cause he writes that the near term impact

On the stock appears minimal and that fundamentals remain solid x-bang and piers neo and leotta rose after reporting triple digit year year-over-year growth for deliveries but share prices quickly dropped below previous levels due to increased beijing regulations right and to sum it all up what i think is basically what damian robbins an analyst said and damien

Robbins said this about x-pain it’s firing on all motors but cutting to neutral on political risk which is very true and i could say the same thing for neo and x bank and leotto awesome stocks i love them but i am neutral i’m not bearish on them no way because they’re awesome stocks i’m not bullish i don’t want to buy because of political risk and it sucks other

People i’m sure in the comment section will say mike you’re wrong there’s no political risk i get it everybody’s got their own opinions and i’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong but this is just my personal opinion i just when i lose trust in something that’s then i’m done when it comes to the stock market i try to go very safe so if i have any doubts i

Don’t i don’t invest even if i miss out that’s just that’s just how i do it alright thank you very much for watching this video and i wish you guys all the best take care you

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What Morgan Stanley Says About Xpeng $XPEV Stock, Price Prediction By IPO Market Watch