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Whats In My FAWN DESIGN Diaper Bag?! | Genna Therese

**The WIPOUCH was listed wrong in the video and is actually $20 not $6.99! Sorry about that!

Hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel i’m jenna and this little girl right here yeah this is kalia she is six and a half months old right now and she’s happy’s little baby so you want your book alright so i figured since i just got home and i’m about to go out later you want better time than to do a what’s in my diaper bag so this guy right here is my

Diaper ride so this is a fawn designed diaper bag in the color blush and what i really like about this is they’re strapped for it and so you could have messenger style but you could also do a backpack style and that’s what i really like about it in the front pocket i just have a receiving blanket that i used to either wife of say or oh yeah thank you did i you

See there wipe up spit or to lay this down next i could put her on it or anything okay so first we have the sophie the giraffe which we’re going to get for right now so this little thing is a teething toy here you go there you go it’s actually really good i love it the only thing about it is that it’s twenty dollars and they also have a bigger one but i got the

Small one for her so she can hold it with their hands there you go alright the next thing i have is a this is a nursing career slash stroller cover and this one is by the brand copper pearl and i’ll go ahead link everything down below so if any of you guys wanted to grab anything you can and this is a 360 degree cover so you just put it on like that and then you

Could prop them under if you’re breastfeeding and nurse them and if you’re not you can just use as a stroller cover i use this during the spring and summertime and right now since it’s still fawn it’s not too chilly out yeah i use it then too because it’s thin enough to where it blocks the sun onto their face but it also gives them enough like air to breathe um

Then we just have a muslim swaddle blanket um the next thing is the aveeno eczema therapy baby lotion so she actually used two cetaphil cuz she does have eczema but this is more of a backup if i forget to put the cetaphil on her so that’s why this is there next thing is my wallet um then we got baby sunblock that i just never took out of here cuz we went to the

Beach a month ago so that is white that’s in there this is her little diaper pouch i got the top of at sea and inside is her changing pad that i got from gather and it’s just like a nudey pink color and it’s really like it dries really fast and if it gets wet and then it’s also likable and it’s really easy to clean too so that’s why i like this one and it’s really

Thin so you can kind of just like put it anywhere essentially kind of like squish it in between stuff if you don’t have enough room um the next thing in here is what so i have cleansing face wipes for her and huggy buggy wipes with saline drops we’re not stealing drops we just say me on them then she has pasty whites that we don’t want to use we used to use all the

Time but she has pacifier clips and hey okay these are what one of them looks like and i got these off of amazon and she has four of them she’s wearing one right now in here yeah so no i got a pair of sunglasses over mine a nasal aspirator and a thermometer next thing that we have is this clear pouch of medicine and this is just family drops gas relief drops gripe

Water baby sanitizer and there’s a baby tylenol with a syringe in the back and i got these off of etsy – um it’s disney samsung that’s kind of like that another theme but she has other stuff in there that’s the same thing and i just like that these are front am i clear in the front so you could actually take this to the airport with you and you won’t have to take

Anything like out of your bag really because they can kind of see through that um next is the disney some some what back i got off of amazon um that i used to put her blowouts or if she goes like swimming put the dirty swimming clothes in the big pocket and then in the little pocket we have i have a bib a long sleeve and the short sleeve onesie extra clothes gotta

Have that and i have two pairs of socks for her so that’s in there and then the last thing i have is these pair this pouch of white so this is a white case from we pouch that’s actually made in australia and what i like about this one is it’s not a hard case so it’s very easy to like put it in anywhere if you kind of have tight space in your bag or if you kind

Of just want to take it with you they also have a smaller version that i don’t have in front of me right now but this one’s a sixty case one a sixty white case one and then they the other one is like a thirty if it’s like 30 wives in that one so i love these and they don’t dry out your wipes at all and we actually use wet wipes this is actually another one right

Here so this one’s donuts and this one’s they’re a honeycomb on it and these are the wipes that we use we use whywe so as you can tell she has a lot of weights and oh and she does have one more thing she has another pair of socks and i think that’s it the one thing that is not in here um that’s normally in here is her nose frita which is over at the sink right

Now because i’m cleaning it so we used that and then sometimes i carry my little mom pouch but if i really don’t need it like i didn’t really mean it earlier i just grab my wallet and i throw that in there and that’s all i take for myself but that’s it if you guys want to see more videos like this please like and comment down below don’t forget to subscribe and

Thank you guys for watching you want to say bye say bye to camera they say bye bye bye bye camera thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you in the next video bye say bye no bye alright bye

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What’s In My FAWN DESIGN Diaper Bag?! | Genna Therese By Genn Therese