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Whats inside an OralB electric toothbrush?

These battery powered teeth scrubbers move their heads back and forth up to 7000 times a minute, shifting twice as much plaque (rotting, sugary food debris) as ordinary, manual toothbrushes. That’s called good oral hygiene and it means you won’t have to go to the dentist quite so often. The cleaner you keep your teeth (and the gums that support them), the longer they’ll last you. Just remember, once your adult teeth are gone, you don’t get replacements! Ever wondered how an electric toothbrush works? Let’s take a closer look!

Hello guys today we’re going to mob this all be electric toothbrush it served a few years and then it broke finally down it has this little push back mechanism that really slide when you’re pulling too hard on it when you’re pushing too hard on that during your teeth brushing and this thing broke loose and now it won’t work anymore so we’re going to take a look

What’s inside this toothbrush so for that we have to access it here at the bottom and palm web we take a little screwdriver and stick it in between here and when it’s in you just twist it and the button comes right off so with the button off there comes a lot of dirt out from all the years and here we can see the charging coil that’s just spring in there and now

We’re going to push on top to get the whole thing out and in this that’s your all the toothbrush it’s just a hole with nothing in it here we can see the motherboard the controls loading and the motor and what i was we see always yeah only one aaa battery and this this mechanism here must be full for the bush mechanism minutes pushed back there’s a contact in there

And then that triggers the light and here we can see the motor oh it’s greased up nicely yeah but nothing too interesting i will try to take it further apart and let’s see what’s under there this assembly is quite easy because it’s only held together by some clips and this we can take right off that’s i believe for stability and then i did open those clips and

Now we can take this piece off just slide it out on top and we have it and now we can lose those clips here and those two clips and then we see further so the next thing is i believe that’s the power line to the motor we just unblock it and you can push it back and then we can see the motor it’s quite an easy construction in itself so with the back clips attached

Those two that i showed you earlier we can seat board and i was wrong the power to the motor goes this way i believe this bridge here is for the lights on top the charging coil is nothing special just some copper around the plastic and now we’re going to look closer look at the battery so with the battery out we can see it’s rechargeable nickel metal a buret battery

And yeah nothing nothing too special about it it’s just a standard layout and what’s the most interesting thing about this whole thing here is that it’s just held together by clips here you can see the next two clips with just a motor unit in place it’s quite sturdy and here we can see the mechanism how it’s going to vibrate and go slightly to the left and to the

Right and yeah i will now recite love those bits and battery and use the motor for something else and yeah that’s how the inside of your oral-b toothbrush looks like and a nice touch that i found out is that here this looks like a reset button on here and yeah thanks for watching

Transcribed from video
What's inside an OralB electric toothbrush? By Y2Kcraziness