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Whats inside RED BULL energy drink? Red Bull Ingredients explained. Contain bull sperm?

In this video we will talk about what’s in Red Bull, one of the most famous energy drinks in the world. We are going to analyze the ingredients inside a can and the nutritional values.

Red bull gives you wings is the famous advertising slogan of red bull an austrian company leader in the energy drinks market whose head office is located near salzburg let’s see some data 13 610 employees in 172 countries 9.9 billion cans sold for a total turnover of 7.8 billion euros in 2020. red bull is a non-alcoholic energy drink with a bright amber color

It is carbonated and has a slightly sweet fruity taste tending to a sarola flat native to central and south america whose fruits similar to a cherry are rich in vitamin c red bull belongs to the category of energy drinks these are soft drinks that contain various stimulating substances capable of providing energy and therefore improving physical and mental

Performance but what exactly is inside a can of red bull let’s start with the nutritional values a 330 milliliter can contains 36.3 grams of sugar zero grams of protein zero grams of fat for a total of 151.8 calories among the ingredients of red bull instead we find water it is the most abundant ingredient in red bull and is sourced locally at production sites

Located in the austrian and swiss alps where high quality fresh water comes from nearby springs the alps are one of the largest freshwater basins in the world where water is available in abundance and constantly replenished sugars the sugar used comes from sugar beets whose roots contain a high amount of sucrose a 330 milliliter can of red bull contains 36.3

Grams of sugar which is more than seven sugar cubes it must therefore be consumed in moderation given the excessive presence of sugar caffeine caffeine is a natural alkaloid found in plant parts such as coffee and cocoa beans tea leaves dorado berries and cola nut caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and in moderate doses increases mental alertness

And physical endurance reducing sleepiness and fatigue a 250 milliliter can of red bull contains 80 milligrams of caffeine about the same amount as a cup of coffee a 330 milliliter can of cola on the other hand contains 35 milligrams of caffeine touring taurine is an amino acid naturally present in the human body and is particularly concentrated in the nervous

Heart and muscle tissue at a physiological level it is essential for the synthesis of bile acids substances produced by the liver and included in the bile essential for the digestion and absorption of fats and fat soluble vitamins according to some scientific studies taurine is not an energy stimulant but it can actually perform the opposite action inhibiting

The excitatory neurons of the brain it is therefore more of a relaxing substance that calms the nervous system as it supports the production of gaba neurotransmitter recognized for its ability to relax mind and body the use of taurine and energy drinks is optimal along with the stimulating effect of caffeine however more studies will be needed to understand

The true benefits of touring on physical performance for years now a legend has been circulating according to which taurine is extracted directly from the testicles of bulls or from bovine sperm the substance was discovered by some german scientists in bull’s bile hence the name but as the official website of red bull reports the taurine present in the drink is

An entirely synthetic substance produced by pharmaceutical companies it is therefore not of animal origin nor does it contain animal components vitamins of group b red bull contains water soluble vitamins such as vitamin b3 vitamin b5 vitamin b6 and vitamin b12 b vitamins are essential micro nutrients for the human body they ensure normal energy metabolism and

The construction of an immune barrier regulate the functioning of the nervous system and participate in the synthesis of some hormones the b vitamins help support athletic and mental performance as well as reduce tiredness and fatigue you

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What's inside RED BULL energy drink? Red Bull Ingredients explained. Contain bull sperm? By Health \u0026 Fitness