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When You Are the Only Mermaid in College! / Spy Hacks and Tricks!

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Olivia the mermaid will have a tough time in school her dad neptune is telling her all about how dangerous it can be just don’t do what ariel did no voice allowed olivia’s dream came true she’s in school there’s a fire alarm on the first day she didn’t escape the ocean to end up in the water again she’ll have to hide her tail in her locker so she can be

A normal teenager for once violet suspects something hi she’s so nosy but olivia won’t give up that easy olivia clean your glasses she’s seeing fishtails violet won’t let this go she smells something fishy olivia got exposed too fast violet won’t let this happen olivia’s getting used to her new school she already has a crush even though her dad forbids

It violet is furious she has blackmail material plus this guy is the love of her life violet has a report about mermaids they are actually super dangerous here’s the new girl how did her photo end up in here everyone’s laughing at her even the hot guy no he’s laughing at something that’s actually funny the new true true trick video violet sits with olivia

In the cafeteria keep your enemies close jackson is here too violet offers him for lunch but jackson hates fish olivia offers him some salad it’s delicious and nutritious violet wants to know what’s in olivia’s backpack olivia’s not worried it’s just a stylish fork and knife how’d she make them it was easy roll out some polymer clay cover a handle with it

Make a shell on the end bake it for 10 minutes at 230 degrees cover it with silver acrylic paint your mermaid utensils are ready won’t give up she puts a bug in olivia’s backpack to catch the mermaid in a lie ocean sounds at seagulls she runs to tell jackson that olivia is a mermaid the proof is in the headphones but jackson can’t hear anything it’s silent

Violet must be imagining things or maybe her phone dies olivia’s getting changed for pe violet kisses a photo of jackson before getting ready to destroy that little fish the anchor scarce olivia it’s not an anchor it’s a cool belt want one like this cut an anchor out of plastic bake it for 10 minutes at 230 degrees paint it take a cord and put it through

The loop tie a double knot braid it tie a loop at the end your ocean belt is done olivia don’t be scared of cool accessories is that a spider on violet’s locker olivia must have done this but she’s nowhere near here olivia got a call so she stepped out time for violet to examine her stuff violet will inspect it in the lab and there’s no way olivia will be

Able to get out of this one violet has a lot of experience in reading crime novels what’s that stuff on the brush zoom in on the microscope no way what scale this proves it how did a mermaid get into a human school she shouldn’t have brought the scales this close to jackson’s face the evidence is lost forever oh man olivia’s back in school she finally

Feels normal oh there’s violet again what’s she up to whoa that’s going overboard olivia runs away the water made her turn back into a mermaid and her makeup is ruined she has to fix her face olivia has a cool mirror want one just like it then make one take nerf darts remove the suckers make a tentacle out of light clay cover a mirror with light clay insert

The suction cups add smaller suckers made out of orange clay done olivia looks flawless thanks to waterproof makeup time to get revenge violet’s makeup is running now but at least it hides her tears olivia is enjoying a glass of water and scrolling through jackson’s instagram here he is oh he’s so clumsy violet is right here she sits down to flirt with

Jackson she offers him her soda but he can’t stop thinking about olivia he wants to go apologize to her he feels so bad olivia had to go hide in a locker to dry off hello olivia got a new bag it’s so unique jackson likes it too violet is furious she puts a bug in olivia’s purse to eavesdrop on her while she flirts with jackson that’s a weird noise i need

To try and find the headphones it’s just in the hallway that mermaid is so tricky and sneaky another attempt to expose olivia but the headphone falls out again this purse is more like a fishing net take a sheet of felt cut out a circle hot glue a net onto the felt attach a strip of fake leather to the other side then wrap it up add eyelets glue a strip

Of felt to the edge of the net pull a cord through the eyelets attach a shape and some decorations all done now no one can eavesdrop on you olivia is getting ready for class she accidentally pinched her finger and broke a nail it must really hurt she’s about to cry but she can’t cry or she’ll transform she collects the tears in a shell oops watch where you

Were going that said she’s about to get caught it’s great that he can’t see anything jackson misses olivia violet is bugging him again a headphone again but the ocean sounds just make him more upset he finally gets it it was mean of him to pour water on olivia he needs to apologize to her properly by writing her a note but he doesn’t have a pen he can use

Violet’s lipstick here’s a pen great violet is ready for a kiss or not that’s rude olivia comes to class and finds jackson’s nose but it just upsets her jackson needs to learn how to express himself better olivia’s reply shocked jackson if he were more polite they could be together as man and mermaid she’s neptune’s daughter but jackson doesn’t like fish

That part of olivia grosses him out violet is going to do something extreme she pulls the fire alarm all square in love and war or not everyone’s laughing at olivia except jackson so nothing else matters what did you think of olivia’s adventure what was your favorite part of the video tell us in the comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe so you

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When You Are the Only Mermaid in College! / Spy Hacks and Tricks! By Troom Troom Trick