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Where To Buy Best Affordable Gold Jewelry – Hoop Earrings | Tiana Le

Hi Everyone,

Happy holiday everyone thank you so much for spending time with me in this video i’m going to show you my journey on finding the best deal for my gold hoop earrings so i hope you’ll enjoy today’s content if you do please give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel so i can create more contents like this i have been searching for a pair of go hoop earrings

For a long time now but i also don’t want to spend too much money because it’s not something i wear on a daily basis i just want to wear them during the holiday or when i go out and also the size i’m drawn to is about 1.2 to 2 inches and my earlobes are pretty sensitive i cannot wear any string silver um because it will get irritated and it will get illustrated

So i don’t mind getting a 10 carat 14 carat or 18 carat that’s why i get the best deal um so my first stop is at majority uh this is an oversized pair of earrings and it is 14 carats and it is 1.5 inches in width and the thickness is 3mm it’s also 295. um so this is out of my price range i don’t want to spend this much but they look really really pretty so next i

Went on to the shane company um so they have a lot of variety of hoop earrings here this pair head looks really pretty um however it’s only one inch in diameter and also it is 280 dollars um so this is definitely out of my price range so then i went on to the costco website and i actually went to the costco um warehouse to see if they have any good deals on these

Hoop earrings and what i found are these hoop earrings they look really really nice um these earrings are made from italy they are very high quality earrings however because they’re 1.28 inches a little smaller than i wanted but they look so nice and nicely polished but i really really like them so i actually picked them up from costco um as you see here it is

14 karat made in italy it is pretty light not on a heavy side so that is good because it is easy to wear all day long um let me put these on and the claps here are pretty pretty sturdy i would say and this is how they look like close up so the earrings feel really sturdy pretty secret on my ears um so i really really like them the only thing is that these fab

Earrings are 179 dollars uh which is not something i want to spend for 14 karat earrings and plus it’s a little bit smaller than i’m looking for the moving on i want to look for gold plated hoop earrings um because gold plated jewelries tend to be cheaper um so the first website i stumble onto is macy so these series are 1.5 inches which is the perfect size it

Is the size i’m looking for and it’s also 18 karat gold plated it is on sale right now and it is 130 and you can get it for 54 bucks so i went on and searched more and i went to the codes website so i closed these earrings on 1.5 inches and it is 18k gold plated and i like how it is kind of square and it is also 30 bucks so i like this price right here so then i

Went to walmart and i stumbled onto these earrings right here these are the same as the one from macy’s and from kohl’s and they are 15 it is gold plated over sterling silver i mean cannot beat this this is also my first time looking at jewelries at walmart and walmart has such a wide variety of jewelries by this brand brilliance fine jewelry here and they are

Very very pretty and they look very similar to my costco one this is the costco one which is a little bit more thick than my walmart one but the class looks very very very similar so let me put this okay so this is the walmart and this is the costco one they feel the same weight obviously the costco one looks thicker than the walmart one so out of curiosity

I also went to search for 10 karat gold hoop earrings just to see how much expensive is how cheap it is um so then walmart also sell these so they’re from the same brand the brilliant fine jewelries i found 10 carat gold hoop earrings and they look like this these are just perfect it is almost one and a half inches but it looks so so pretty um the only thing is

The 10 carat looks a bit lighter in gold than the 18 carrot plated and this is how the 10 carrot looks like against the 14 carat earring honestly i can’t tell the difference i can definitely tell the difference from the 10 carat over the 18 cards because the tan is a little bit lighter and this claps here is pretty sturdy and these earrings here are 6-8 bucks i

Really really like the size and how it looks it’s just enough femininity for me um they are dainty enough but yet not too flimsy and i really like the one and a half inches and i like the gold color of this 10 kit this is my first time wearing 10 carats so i really really like it so then i went to amazon search for the same pair of earrings and amazon sells for

129 bucks so it’s a lot more than walmart now when i was at walmart i also walked around the sterling silver area and just to see what kind of jewelry they have and i stumble onto these earrings here and this is believed by brilliant and this is 14 karat gold flash plated and these series are 1.5 inches and with these it’s 15 and you get two pair of earrings uh

The difference is that right here this part is still sterling silver the sterling silver party is going to irritate my ears but if i just wear less than two hours and i should be okay so i bought these for filming purposes i really like these and also this pair right here as well this is the one that i have been wearing in my last two videos but i have been

Enjoying these gold flash earrings so much just because they’re so fun to switch around and they’re very affordable so on all i really love these hoop earrings from walmart i feel i’m getting the best bang for my buck and i’m also going to go back to walmart to check out the rest of the jewelry selections thank you so much for watching if you have any suggestions

Recommendations about jewelries um please leave them in the description box below and as always i’ll see you next one bye

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Where To Buy Best Affordable Gold Jewelry – Hoop Earrings | Tiana Le By Tiana Le