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Which Top-Rated Waffle Maker is Best?

I bought the Top 4 waffles irons on Amazon to see how they worked, and how they compared.

Welcome back everybody now today i’m testing out the top four waffle makers on amazon to see how they work see how they compare so let’s get started in today’s video before i get started let’s flash back to when i actually order these the unboxing and then we’ll start making some waffles all right let’s open up the amazon top four bestsellers for waffle makers

And see what we got all right number one is the dash mini waffle maker let’s see all right so this one’s got 213 000 ratings number one best seller only twelve dollars and forty nine cents looks like a good deal to me i can get it today if i order now so let’s do it all right next is the oster belgian waffle maker let’s see we got here this was 20 bucks amazon’s

Choice 37 000 ratings looks pretty good to me let’s add the cart all right next up the car mini waffle maker let’s look at this one all right this is make seven fun different race cars 40 bucks seems kind of steep for that amazon’s choice and not as many ratings as the other ones only 2 600 so that should be interesting if i order the next 16 minutes i can get

It today so i better hurry and finally the bella classic rotating non-stick belgian waffle maker this one’s also 40 bucks not an amazon’s choice not a bestseller it’s got 15 000 ratings i can also get this one today so i’ll add that one to the card and then check out all right the card looks like 121.84 for four waffle makers this should be fun i’m checking out

Now all right that is ordered so either later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning i’m gonna unbox these and get started let’s take a look at the dash mini waffle maker i paid 12.49 for this it comes in 20 colors definitely look this over all right all right it is very small but it’s supposed to be mini so i guess that makes sense this model has a non-stick

Surface indicator light non-slip feet easy lift handle and a four inch surface 350 watts pfoa free 1.3 pounds it’s very light 4.7 star rating with over 213 000 ratings on amazon ranked number one in waffle irons on amazon let’s take a look at the oster belgian waffle maker i paid 19.99 for this much more minimal instructions in the dash all right this makes fresh

Eight inch homemade belgian waffles non-stick surface easy to clean adjustable temperature control safe to touch handle watts 3.19 pounds 4.5 star rating among 37 000 plus ratings ranked number two in waffle irons on amazon this is the waffle wow cars and trucks waffle maker i paid 39.95 for this kind of minimal instructions that’s okay all right the waffle wild

Makes seven unique shapes they also have other themes like sea creatures animals unicorns and dinosaurs this also has a non-stick surface 4.7 star rating about 2 600 reviews ranked number three in waffle irons on amazon it’s time for the bella rotating waffle maker i paid 39.99 for this some instructions all right the bella comes in two colors it makes one inch

Thick belgian waffles up to four waffles in ten minutes it has a rotating function for evenly cooked waffles non-stick surface 1000 watts pfoa free weighs 5 pounds 4.5 star rating among over 15 000 reviews variable browning control even consistent browning indicator light compact storage easy cleanup this one’s ranked number four in waffle irons on amazon also

Seems to have the most mixed reviews of all the bunch here all right so let’s read the manuals and then get started all right so here they are in order we’ve got the dash the oster the waffle wow which makes cars and trucks and also the bella i’m gonna do this basically in two rounds the first round i’m gonna do right out of the box following the instructions as

Well as i can it probably won’t be perfect i’ll probably make mistakes there might be some issues and overfilling we’re just gonna let it ride at that point i’ll turn the camera off i’m gonna make some adjustments kind of practice i’ll turn it back on for round two and see how it goes after i’ve used them for a while that’s the idea at least all right before i

Get started i did wipe all these down with wet soapy sponge and rinse them off with a wet sponge so i think they’re all clean now at least all these waffle makers seem to have a different idea about what you should do as far as oiling them goes the dash for example says to spray both cooking surfaces with a small amount of cooking spray the oster says to season it

Before using them with cooking oil before the first use and to reseason it as needed the cars and trucks specifically says spray a light cooking spray and the bella says do not use cooking spray but use vegetable oil olive oil or canola oil so they’re a little bit different as far as oil goes i’m gonna try to stick with the instructions for each one of these as

Best i can at least for round one for round two i might make some adjustments but for round one we’re sticking with the instructions we’re going by the book for round one let’s see what we got here place it on a stable dry surface check plug the cord into a power outlet the indicator light will illuminate signaling that the mini waffle maker is heating up all

Right the light’s kind of dim but it is lit up when that goes off ready to cook step three carefully lift the cover spray with cooking spray now the instructions never said how much batter to use but when you go to the recipes it says use a quarter of a cup that’s what i’m going with one quarter of a cup all right and close now the next step just says when it’s

Cooked to your preference they only say how long it’s going to take so i guess we’ll just figure that out all right it’s been a couple minutes let’s take a peek there’s not a lot of batter in there so it can’t take that long to cook right let’s see we got oh yeah that is good let’s see it’s not done but it’s getting there i’m gonna say i could go a little bit more

Batter because it didn’t go all the way to the edges it was a quarter of a cup but it wasn’t quite enough all right it’s been a few minutes let’s let’s open this up and see what we got here uh looking pretty nice looking pretty nice here all right so here’s what we got looking looking pretty good we’ll come out of there easily yeah not too bad this was a quarter of

A cup i got a little bit missing on the edge here so you know some adjustment next time while i have this open and still plugged in let’s see how warm it really is looks a little bit warmer on one side than the other how about this plate looks a little bit warmer on one side the other 310 up there 330 down here not too bad pretty even so that’s my first attempt let

Me see not bad really i think the only adjustment i got to make for round two and this one is to add a tiny bit more batter otherwise it came out pretty good next up let’s try the oaster see how that goes all right so it’s seasoned with oil so that shouldn’t be a problem let’s plug it in and get started step one close the unit plug it in all right the light is

On now it’s time to pour now they say to pour three quarters of a cup of batter starting from the outsides going in a circular motion should be easy enough right so that three quarters of a cup didn’t look like it was going to fill it up all the way maybe it will we shall see people on amazon were saying three quarters a cup was too much i’ve started my stopwatch

They say it’s gonna be about five minutes on low four and a half on medium five on high i’ve got a medium so we got four and a half minutes to go we were at four and a half minutes let’s open it up and oh not enough batter not enough batter i mean it looks okay but it’s not enough batter three quarters of a cup was not enough i mean it’s close it’s close we want

This to be filled out though we can’t have we can’t have that missing it’s kind of like hey junior do you want 90 of a waffle you want that you got to have the full thing let’s take a look at these plates while it’s still plugged in and see how hot it really is it kind of seems like there’s a bit of a circular pattern where mostly heat’s at 277 much cooler as far

As the top plate goes that’s doesn’t look totally even either the top plate looks more even than the bottom plate does though not a bad first try but i’m gonna have to mess with this a little bit until i get it just right which i’ll do that for round two all right it’s time now to make some cars and trucks this is the waffle wow it makes seven different shapes

Step number one plug it in here’s the indicator light when it turns green i’m gonna start pouring they don’t really say how much to put in there i think you’re just supposed to put it flush with the top i’m not totally sure um we shall see i think we’re ready now the first thing we’re supposed to do is spray a little cooking spray according to the instructions

Now it just says to fill them up let’s see well the stopwatch is going a very bad feeling about this one i feel like i was overfilling it the first ones are in there for like a minute or two longer than what the last ones are i definitely need to practice this one a little bit i work three minutes let’s see what it looks like and oh i overfilled it they look

Done let’s see what they look on the other side i mean it’s kind of cute pretty small let me see we got see this one is perfectly filled right here perfect very nice i must say it looks wonderful this one looks good too okay this one doesn’t look quite right let me see maybe not bad the center one is is the biggest one oh oh no this all right before i take a look

At these let me uh look at the surface here the thermal imager all right let’s see we got here it looks pretty even actually surprisingly even probably the most even of the entire bunch for something that has so many crevices and indentations it’ll surprisingly even it’s going to pull the excess off which really isn’t that that big of a deal it’s kind of easy to

Do i just took the front bumper off i guess that’s a bust i completely mangled that one the truck looks good actually be good for having syrup right in there what is that i can’t tell i guess this is kind of like a bug this one came out perfect that’s beautiful very nice this one came out nice too and the truck looks like it’s missing a looks like it got an accent

Or something it’s missing the part of the back of it some of these look pretty good some look like they just got out of the junkyard but not bad for a first attempt filling that one is pretty touchy because not only do you have to make sure you fill all of them about right but by the time you put the last ones in there the first one’s already cooking definitely

Something i’ve got to work with but let’s see what’s next let’s see how the bellow works first up plug it in indicator lights are on set the temperature control i’m going right in the center now i wait three to five minutes for it to preheat all right the light is on let’s do it they said apply a little bit of oil beforehand which i’m gonna do right now i have

One cup of batter it didn’t say how much to use but one of the recipes seem to imply it was one cup so i’m going one cup we shall see about this turn it over 180 and now we wait it’s only two minutes it already said it’s ready let’s oh what about that let’s see oh wow let’s see we got i tend to like my waffles a little bit more brown so i’m kind of liking this

One add a little bit more batter but otherwise that one went pretty well and it was fast let’s take a look at the surface and see how that looks pretty even i think there’s definitely consistency in the pattern between the bottom and the top plates but there we go this is the crispiest of all the ones i’ve made all right this is how they look after making their

First round of waffles none really had anything stuck in there so i i don’t have really much to clean up i’m just going to use a sponge clean them out and head on for round two well i think i have enough information to do some practice around these off camera i’ll come back for round two after i’ve done some practice and see how it goes all right here we are

Day two round number two now i’m saying it’s round number two but actually some of these i’ve tested several times in between round one and round two to try to get them right all right so the point of round two is not to declare the perfect amount of time and the perfect amount of batter to use to make ideal waffles because that’s gonna vary based on the type and

Consistency of the batter that you use the point hopefully is that i can make improvements over the first round with a few adjustments i’ve tried off camera to make a few adjustments some of these seem like they require more work than others i don’t think that my results are going to be perfect for round two but they should be better so let’s try it out right now

All right for the dash the only thing i’m going to do is add just a tiny bit more than one quarter of a cup and i’m going to leave it a little bit longer otherwise i think it came out pretty good yesterday let’s try it out this should work better this time i get my stopwatch going all right we’re at two and a half minutes that should be right let’s see and oh

Yeah that’s it all right that’s much closer to this very nice it’s crispier it’s like 99 maybe not 100 very close though not many adjustments on this one i had a little bit more batter cooked a little bit longer it came out perfect so the dash is very easy i understand why it’s so popular the only problem with this one maybe is that it doesn’t make a lot at one

Time but for what it does do it does it well for the oaster my notes for round two are to preheat it on high move to medium when it’s done preheating try one cup of batter and put it in there for four minutes i have to say that the oyster is taking me i think about six rounds to get right and close i can still do better we’re close we’re very very close and

Wow i mean it’s a lot closer but it still wasn’t enough i could still go even more than that i went one cup they say three quarters even though this is technically round two this is my sixth attempt on the yoster so i get it right this time it’s preheated to high open it up put some oil on there i’ve got a little over a cup of batter this time reduce the dial to

Medium and now we wait stopwatch is going for the sixth time well i knew eventually i’d go too far and i went too far well this has been my luck on the ostersee look at this okay so when i went to one cup it was still not enough when i went just over a cup now it’s spilling out of the sides i don’t know the oaster has been a tricky one for me i i’m not sure why

It doesn’t seem like it’s much different from the others but it seems like for some reason i’m either under filling or overfilling it very easily all right here we go let’s check my overflowing waffle and well the waffle itself looks beautiful but the overflow does not all right so here’s round five and six round five was just a little bit under filled and round

Six was a little bit overfilled this was exactly one cup this was just over one cup well i think that’s about all i can really do on the oaster i i know that it’s going to be somewhere between one cup and one and a quarter cups that’s it’s about where i’m gonna be at i think the preheating on high and then jumping it down to medium that helps the crispiness the

Outside is nice and crispy on these i just haven’t got the amount yet but i think i’m close but that’s as close as i’m gonna get in this video the notes i made for round two for cars and trucks were to go two and a half minutes fill each one very carefully because each one of them seems to have its own learning curve i can usually get five or six of them right

But i haven’t got all seven yet but i think that if i can get five or six i’m in good shape all right it’s preheated let’s see now for my technique on this one i’m gonna try a baster and see if that works any better filling this middle one here two and a half minutes let’s check it out oh that’s good it looks good i think i did a pretty good job of filling them

But this one looks like it’s a little bit under filled the rest of them i think came out pretty good let’s pull them out of there see how they look so it looks like the the bus is a little bit under fill it looks like a hover bus it has no wheels this one didn’t really make make much of a shape at all but the rest of them look good the difference between overfilling

And under filling there’s not much on this one so you really have to kind of play around with it i feel like i’ve played around with it enough to get a good feel for it although a lot of times when you’re feeling it you realize you overfill it and you can’t do anything about it but i think in the end your kids aren’t really going to care if it’s a little bit over

Filled or under filled they’re going to think it’s cute and then they’re going to eat it for the bell on my notes or really just to increase the batter by a little bit over last time otherwise it was perfect the first time around so that’s what i’m gonna do for round two all right the indicator light just went on brush with a little bit of oil just over one

Cup in here all right so last time it was just a little bit under filled now it looks like it’s a little bit overfilled that’s just the way it goes i guess that’s why they have this this drip tray down here this has been the steamiest of all of the waffle makers i’ve done so far all right here we go similar to yesterday a little bit more overfilled i like my

Waffles a little bit darker so i’m kind of happy with that i mean i over filled it a tiny bit it’s really difficult to get the perfect amount either i’m going to be just under just over i don’t really mind either one and to me this one is the brownest i like so i think that so i would say that bella round one and two both did pretty well here’s my final versions of

All these we got the bella this one came out really nice crispy dark just the way i like it uh the dash right here and the cars i think they came out nicely the cars i got five out of the seven perfectly two of them not as good the oyster i got a little overflow with just over a cup and i got a little under with just a cup so it’s going to be somewhere in between

There consistency is pretty good i have a nice crispy outside nice fluffy inside i think it came out nice it’s just the amount i’m still kind of struggling with this might be too dark for some people i mean it may be perfect for others this is kind of where i lean i like my waffles a bit dark and crispy but i think all of them actually came out pretty well so when

The end i think you can’t go wrong with any of these i can see why each one of these has their own fans but if i had to rank them from number four up to number one here’s my ranking this completely personal choice your mileage may vary number four i’m going with the cars and trucks the only reason i’m picking that one is because number one it doesn’t make a lot

Of waffles and number two each one of those is a different learning curve and it takes a little bit of time and effort to get those right i never quite got it right i got close but it wasn’t perfect it’s also a bit of a novelty item as well if you have kids it’ll probably rank higher for you than it did for me next up i’m going to go with the oster that one was

Pretty good but i never quite got the right amount in there it seems a bit touchy also it’s a bit cheap feeling it feels cheap it just feels cheap not only that but i’m not a big fan of the stainless steel look it just gets fingerprints all over it not bad but not my favorite for number two i’m going with the number one seller on amazon which is the dash it’s easy

To use and it’s consistent the only problem with that one is doesn’t make a very big waffle but overall i can see why people like it and that leaves me with number one which is the bella i really like that one and these big deep belgian waffles it was probably the fastest and the most consistent of the bunch especially for me because i like dark crispy waffles and

It did a good job with that overall though if you work with any of these you can probably get them to your liking but if you’ve used any of these waffle makers tell me you think in the comments below i appreciate you watching and i’ll see you next time

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Which Top-Rated Waffle Maker is Best? By Freakin’ Reviews