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whiskey makers try TikTok cocktails

Cocktail recipes are constantly pouring out of TikTok, but are they good? It’s not neat whiskey, but curiosity got the better us! Thank you Helix for sponsoring! Visit to get up to $200 off your Helix mattress, plus two free pillows.

Tic tac cocktails you do the tic tac tic talk whatever but tick tock cocktails apparently this is a thing okay yes and uh so we had beater and brianna go through and um figure out what are some tick tock cocktails we want to watch the video okay kind of react to the video who’s making the cocktails brianna let’s see let’s watch the first one and react to my

First tic tacs yeah okay it’s not a b it’s a hornet it’s a hornet hey so i drink whiskey and i would like a refreshing drink do you have any recommendations whiskey on the rocks says this to me i usually make them this drink oh she’s a bartender okay you can use any whiskey i’m gonna use jack daniels because i like jack daniels so i’m gonna be one shot of that so

Very citrusy jack daniel ginger ginger beer yeah a lemon garlic lemon garnish okay oh my god that’s perfect she had to react to her own drink that’s talent yeah that’s acting content there brianna make us a cocktail like this lady did please all right let’s begin this is tic-tacs lemon whiskey drink begin with ice ice it’s not too much ice that’s good one shot

Whiskey whiskey this is one shot whiskey this is eleanor whiskey one shot of whiskey why what the hell peter now one shot of whiskey i think that’s two shots that’s fine and then lemon juice like so and put the lemon what no i think like that squish it like that yeah lemon okay ginger beer doesn’t say how much yeah so we’ll do some and garnish

With lemon garnish garment oh oh it’s like a like a piece no garnish the lemon that you haven’t cut with the lemon okay this is the lemon whiskey drink with eleanor pouring it over okay what are you doing i’m a bartender did you put the hole in yeah did you put you just dropped a half a lemon in there i’m an expert is there just one who goes first no we have

Strong we need to react at the same time you stick it together i can’t do it i can’t do it either that’s too close what did you do um i could taste the lemon peel i could taste it’s just lemon it’s like watered down lemon water it’s watered down lemon water with a little brianna how accurate do you think you were in the replication of this cocktail wow okay so

You got a good start so it’s supposed to be a lemon garnish yeah but alex told me to put the whole lemon in he said take the whole lemon and peel off of that one you rat bastard okay so you didn’t squeeze this in there yes you did wow no wonder it tastes like solid lemon water should we do a real version or are we just all the way around no that’s real minus

The whole lemon mine is that it is accurate it is okay so this was nice it doesn’t look like look like this has plenty of juice oh did you squeeze the limit in here at the appropriate amount yes all right so i just watched brianna making these for the first time if you want to give the creators of these cocktails an actual fair shot we’re going to put their

Names and the ingredients in the description down below it’s not fair man brianna making it it’s way too crisp in the bitter and the sour yeah it’s just a sour it’s a sour crisp a citrus drink that may or may not have alcohol in it next one what do we got please don’t put jagger and fireball in the same category fireball’s a flavored whiskey yeah says and jaeger

Is a flavored yeah okay let’s put them in the same cup here’s the fireball yeah just a little bit just just flip it straight for it he’s yelling at himself i don’t think it is it’s made with real german deer blood mixy mixy oh i think you got this brianna yeah a little more yeager yes 216 why am i doing this cheers i’m gonna put it in the same category don’t

Tell me what to do oh god right back up no uh and then oh right back in why is this spicy all right uh do we have jaeger this drink from tic tac is fireball in jager so we’ll do two shots a fireball okay and two shots a few acres jaeger and fireball the frat boy is special i don’t know that i’ve ever had do i have i mean surely i’ve had yeager okay oh

She really made it and just won you want a separate glass sure get another glass i’ll split it i’ll split it i can’t believe we have to do it so jeez she’s so angry she’s so raised she’s an angry bird this is not how it was on the tick tock ran it you got to get off the roads thank you i hate shots it takes me back to college cheers yeah it’s not great you

Know what camera kind of reminds me of jager it kind of reminds me of like uh like a southern comfort yeah but with too much licorice yeah i hate like the melted licorice and then you get the bernie from the that’s not the best okay show me another one because that was obviously that’s not a cocktail yeah that was a joke that’s just throwing together some booze

And see what happens zero proof old-fashioned okay alcohol-free i’m going to do two teaspoons okay okay okay two ounces of our ritual alternative whiskey oh they have an alternative oh they sell alternative whiskey this is obviously trying to get those old-fashioned classic flavors right without anything without alcohol all right bring it on yeah i mean

I we’ve seen people try to do that in the past we’ll see how close this gets but you got the orange peel oils lemon peel express he didn’t do cherry interesting all right i am open-minded i love me in old-fashioned we’ll see brianna i’m gonna need something non-alcoholic after that last round are you ready okay next we have a non-alcoholic whiskey drink

Which we’ll be using ritual we need sugar cube and two teaspoons blood orange bitters two teaspoons wait do i have a teaspoon guys that much splash of club soda club soda from h-e-b just a splash all right i know it’s all over my notes um two ounces of non-alcoholic whiskey ritual two ounces okay all right ice next nice and orange peel okay a

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To 200 off and two free pillows my dreams are creamy not that kind of creamy that’s not what i meant okay wait wait that sounds gross oh oh you got to give him an oh oh go get your hands easy hold on you got to express oh you got you didn’t express it i got it it’s fine your rex’s fingers are all over it now there you go jesus okay this smells very orange like

Orange dreams it’s orange drink like a christmasy holiday vibe in there like like spice and cinnamon spice and clove i have smelled cocktails that smelled kind of this orangey yep but and this clovey but i don’t know if i’ve had a an old-fashioned that was this orange oh there’s a weird wow what the hell is there is a weird flavor in there that is not right it’s

Like rubber with a mint molested an oak chunk of wood yeah yeah but like not the good kind like spirit of the good guy like the experiment not the good kind it was the bad molesting of that like a spearmint yes which is the worst of the mints yeah make it go away did you try that i’m grateful you got it brianna did you try that one yeah what did you think oh

Flyer all right let’s do the next one yeah i’ve seen that guy can you show me how to make a sweet urban drink yeah sure throw it up i’m gonna call this one gentleman’s fake gentleman’s fig blueberries wow muddled blueberries so far that is a lot of berries what is that that’s the savage in um something or other that’s the guys in california i like that bottle

Yeah begins it wait a minute is that a wine i don’t know it begins it ends oh he’s looking for the ginger kick okay we use that in our non-alcoholic cocktails and then you just showed off his bottle opener all right so top with ginger and then a little lemon and a little bit of a stir okay so i’m genuinely interested to try this most of the stuff that was in

There i think could work but we’ll see next we have a drink called the gentleman’s fave first mud of blueberries a layer of blooms level them model them to extinction next lemon juice oh yeah and here next bourbon two ounce pour next fig vodka we will do a one ounce pour figsia stir add ice ginger beer lastly lemon twist lemon twist and that

Is a gentleman’s egg oh that’s good wow that’s you know what this looks like this looks like a starbucks drink this is right now more chunks than yeah anything else ready it smells like a passion fruit tea very tart it’s tart i like that better than anything that we’ve had so far too but it doesn’t taste like alcohol or a whiskey or a cocktail it literally

Tastes like a starbucks beverage the booziness is hidden which is one of the main things people are looking for cocktails there’s one something sweet complicated ingredients yeah it feels exotic and there’s a little kick under there so you can drink something effortlessly and get drunk yeah i’m not a fan because i don’t like this i don’t like that kind of drink

The thing i was expecting it to be was sweet it’s it’s not it’s tart it’s tart yeah it’s tart there’s sweetness in there this is closer to a lemonade like a real lemonade oh yeah not just a sugar bomb lemonade but like a real if i went into this thinking lemonade i think i may even like it more yup it’s the best so far blueberry lemonade i think our uh presentation

Was a little lacking yeah all so last one oh no sour patch it’s got candy this is a joke episode i wanted brandon to make me real cocktails so it’s a shot of vodka a shot of peach a half schnapps of blue croc cow and some sour patch kids dusted onto the top of the top with ice sour candy top of sprite you’re just like cherry picking all the things i dislike i’ve

Never had a nonsense drink like that yeah we’re just like it’s blue colored and it’s like captain crunch yeah yeah it does all right here we go and lastly we’ve got drunk kids we’ll do one ounce of vodka one ounce of peach snaps and then one ounce curacao blue crack cow oh my gosh that’s really blue looks like toilet water sprite just any amount that you’d like

It’s good ice okay lastly sour patch kids come on oh i got it sour pack all the kids getting drunk drunk kids cheers that’s good thank you is brianna mad we’ll find out yeah we will there’s tower patch things floating in the bottom aren’t they supposed to be on top i don’t know but i can’t love drinking something that looks like a ride at disneyland

So now there’s soggy patch kids yeah it smells like sour patch kids candy it smells like blue my god it’s actually kind of tasty yeah damn it it’s like jello it like tastes like blue colored jello what that’s kind of good it’s like candy it’s liquid candy it is it’s that’ll get you drunk which is oh yeah which i guess is the goal i hate that i’m enjoying this

The most guys just candy i feel like i’m 12 but i’m getting drunk oh

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whiskey makers try TikTok cocktails By Whiskey Tribe