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Why I ditched cloth deskmat for a PU leather deskmat

I ditched my cloth deskmat for a PU leather deskmat. Here are my reasons why I did so.

Hello everyone and this is going to be a really impromptu video i just want to talk about something which is this thing this is a desk mat and i’ve been using this for a very long time and its size is i think 90 by 45 centimeters or something like that i i’m not too sure about the exact dimensions but i’ve been using this for like four years five years and you can

See that this is a cloth desk mat it’s pure black zero printings on it at all and it also has a rubberized back here and also stitched sides which means that it’s gonna last for very long time and yes it did but because it’s made out of cloth it means that this whole thing will soak up a lot of grime oil dirt sweat and even dead skin bacteria and all of those

Stuff so i just recently picked up a desk mat that is made entirely out of pu leather this one which is what i’m gonna talk about today actually and today what we’re gonna talk about is is cloth desk mat better than this kind of new ish peel leather desk mat so let’s talk about the conventional cloth test methods and i think most of you already know what it is

As i mentioned rubberized bag means that it won’t move which is surprisingly useful on certain desktops like this kind of best table tops not those desktop as in pc desktop anyway the cloth here is made out of really nice material and one of the other spec that no one talks about in terms of this cloth desk mat is its thickness the one that i have here is i think

Five millimeters if i’m not mistaken inside the four or five i remember seeing three millimeters i didn’t want to buy that because it was too thin so thicker dashboard means that it’s more squishy and potentially this kind of thicker dust mat means that you when you click a bit harder the whole desk mat will sink in a little bit i’m not too sure why i picked the

Thicker dust mat but i kind of glad i did because it means that over a long period of time even with heavy stuff on top its elasticity will lose out but its thickness will not so that out of the way my major problem with this kind of cloth desk mat is of course cleaning it and give me a second this is a sticky roller it’s meant to stick away some of the lints or

Dust away from your shirt or maybe your formal dress or something like that i use this thing constantly to adhere to stuff that are on my desk my cough last man what happened is since this is a black cloth like this whenever i use this thing to roll over the desk mat here i always see a lot of hair and also it’s just disgusting i mean i didn’t know that i dropped

That much hair onto my desk mat it’s um i’m really to see it because since it’s black on black i can’t see anything at all but yeah this thing really tells me how much dna i have left on my cloth desk mat and not only that though over the years when i used to play games like overwatch yes i used to play a lot of overwatch rip overwatch you see this white mark

Here this is where i used to put my right hand for the mouse movements and all of that um yeah my wrist skin here got brushed off onto this thing which is why you can see there are stains sweat stains it’s a big yellowish and white at the same time so it’s dead skin plus my sweat that has dried over the years and secondly on the other side of the cloth test mat

You can see some minor marks here these marks here are actually caused by my left hand by placing it onto the cloth desk mat to start typing yes even that left a mark and of course if you ever spill some juice or something you will have to chuck this into the washing machine to clean it off if not then i don’t know how to clean it off actually i mean yeah it’s

Kinda just difficult to maintain which is why i recently picked up this kind of it’s just a piece of pu leather so pu leather also means faux leather and as you can see here it’s literally just a piece of leather the back here has this kind of backside of the typical leather which is a bit furry hairy and at the top here is the pure leather surface it’s available

In many different colors and some of them even double sided so we can get it in two different colors just flip it around and then you can get a different color this kind of leather peel leather dust mat is not that much more expensive compared to this one and i got this in the bigger size so 120 by 60 cm and when i got this in the mail i know why it is called

Pu leather because it is just pu it’s really stinky i mean it even came with the lotus packet i don’t know why they use lotus packet i think it’s meant to absorb the smell but it didn’t do a good job and it also starts to fall out my room uh i think the room is a bit more aired up now the smell is gone but the first thing i recommend you to do when you get this

Kind of leather pu test mat is to give it a wipe down because there’s a layer of oil on top of this and then you can start using it when i lay down on my table it didn’t have any weird curves or kinks or memory of the curvature the rolled up curvature when you start to deploy it like this one had a really bad curvature actually so it took me quite a while to

Smoothen it out before i started using it i can’t even iron it because the heat will damage the cloth and also the rubber at the bottom side but this one you didn’t have to do anything lay it on the table and then it’s completely flat i actually had a worry though before i bought this kind of test mat i was worried that pu leather will cause tracking issue for my

Mouse but surprisingly it didn’t it tracks just as well as a cloth desk mat like this one and also because this leather dash mat doesn’t have any of those squishy layers like this one it doesn’t even have a rubberized base and when i click harder it doesn’t sink into the mousepad and also it won’t move around the desk because this thing is actually considerably

Heavy for such a large piece of pu leather and then also keyboard all of my other stuff on the table will help to maintain its position so yeah i don’t have to worry about the rubberized space for my case particular and then another reason why i got pu letters because if i ever spill my drinks for example i like to drink chinese tea and those chinese tea if i

Ever spill it on a white table it will definitely stain once it’s dried out of course i can easily wipe it off since it’s on a plastic table anyway but cloth desmet i don’t have the privilege to just wipe it off but on a pu leather desk mat i can and also if i ever got any grinder oil just wipe it off it’s that easy it’s just that something that i cannot do

With a cloth test mat so yeah i think i should end this video right here i promise that it’s going to be a short video i am quite happy with my purchase of the pu leather desk again this is not sponsored or anything i actually bought this on my own i’ll leave links down in the description for you so that you can get it at the cheapest available seller that is

Also residing in malaysia actually so yeah i’ll see you in the next video goodbye

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Why I ditched cloth deskmat for a PU leather deskmat By Tech Critter