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Why I Quit Wearing CARHARTT

The real reason I quit wearing Carhartt trousers / pants

Welcome back friends to the closet i keep getting a question the same question asked over and over again why do i wear the same clothing every day and i literally do this is what i wear every day not only for work but pretty much on the weekends too the reason being i actually learned this from jay leno jay leno wears the same thing every day for his editing crew if

They need to reshoot something they don’t have to worry about wardrobe or costume or matching up what they had the day before that’s been really helpful for me as well you may get into editing your video and you realize you lost audio or you forgot to include something you can easily step out even if it’s the next day or days later and make that clip and it ties

In nicely so what do i choose to wear and why i don’t wear car hearts i used to wear car hearts when i worked in construction and i found the quality to be lacking and it seemed that they just got worse and worse and worse so i went on a hunt for an alternative and i found these you oh goodness 10 years ago or so the round house these are usa made and i’ve been

Very happy with them and they’re pretty affordable around 30 40 or so i bought seven pair of these when i find something i like i buy seven pair sometimes fourteen sometimes 21. i actually have 21 of these shirts because i i like them so well i was afraid that they were not going to make them anymore and i wanted to stock up so mrs w finds them on sale and we just

Buy large talls so i have those probably for the rest of my life now i have had my seven pairs starting to wear out and i’m down to three now and and i tried to order these and i’ve had them on back order for almost a year and and still i can’t get them so i’m done with the roundhouse so i went looking for an alternative and that’s what i found my new pant which

I have seven pair is the panagodia work pant and these are the best pants i’ve ever worn for work and definitely the most comfortable and the crazy thing is that they’re made out of hemp i’ve never had anything made out of hemp hemp or this particular hemp is very thick it breathes better than cotton it’s softer than cotton it almost has a stretch but you can’t

Feel a stretch they’re just more comfortable and i love them i bought one pair wore them for a week every day and i’m like okay that’s it that’s about the best pant i’ve ever bought what i like about them the hemp is a number thing the number one thing i like the breathability of it it’s just so comfortable i like the way that the pockets run instead of having

Traditional pockets on the back the pockets are here kind of obliquely on the side and what’s nice about that i can’t show you with my phone because i’m recording with it is that whatever you put in your rear pockets they carry on the side so when you sit down you don’t sit on it brilliant absolutely genius heavy well cut very nice work pant that’s it i’m throwing

All of the round house away everything’s gone just the panagonia that’s what i wear all right so for my shirt i wear the levi’s just their classic denim work shirt that they’ve made forever uh in a large tall of course where’s my hanky blue hanky left pocket and i’ve switched up my watch as you’ve noticed i went to a smart watch because i have the worst sense of

Direction in the whole world garmin phoenix sapphire and 52 millimeter this is a life-changing watch i absolutely love it i haven’t wore any of my other watches since i got it and that’s basically it for my shoes if i’m not doing heavy work solomon’s low top hikers they’re waterproof they breathe pretty good very light very athletic nice shoe if i’m doing heavy

Work i’ll go to a boot but that’s basically the outfit oh the belt belt’s important best build i ever had wildland belts that’s there with the government buckle on it and the webbing with the yellow stripe that’s the one you want right there i don’t know where you can still get these there’s a guy making them on ebay i think if you search wildland belt you’ll

Probably find them make sure you get the one with the heavy metal buckle the steel buckle that’s it that’s my outfit hope you enjoyed behind the scenes we’ll see you guys on the other side

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Why I Quit Wearing CARHARTT By Wranglerstar