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Why This Jewelry Product is A New Shopify Winner

Why This Jewelry Product is A New Shopify Winner

What’s going on youtube wesley here and today i’m going to show you why this jewelry product is a new shopify winner in 2020 so all you need to do right now is to sign up below for my new course starting at only 478 dollars and i’m totally kidding guys i’m going to teach you guys the exact methods that these so-called gurus use to scale their stores but what i’m

Not going to do is rip you off i’m here to provide free content because i want you to open the store of your dreams and all i ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started and if you leave a comment below writing ad show winners i’ll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that i update every week and no it

Doesn’t link to a course yes it’s free so don’t even worry and maybe you’re just getting started and you’re not sure what products to post that will do well or maybe you tried out some products but you just weren’t getting any sales and i used to hate it also when i see the same product in a competing store and a little ringer showing who purchased it just kept

Going off every few minutes it drove me crazy but don’t worry once you find the process behind finding winning products you’ll already have won half the battle and that’s not all i’m going to show you my favorite strategies for making sure i’m able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions because hey i’ve been there back then there was any guides like

This and i kind of had to do a lot of trial and error and i legit had to hit the book sometimes like physical books but once i figured things out my sales began to absolutely skyrocket so you’re probably wondering how all of this works or where did we begin right so what you want to do is actually start out here on amazon’s best sellers and what you’re going to

Do is select the best sellers and kind of filter down to your niche here so for us today our niche is definitely going to be the jewelry section so all you need to do is go over here to clothing shoes and jewelry so if you just select this as you can see it’s kind of like a broad category clothing shoes and jewelry so you’re going to see a bunch of stuff right

Here but the key here is to narrow things down even more so in our case i want to focus on women’s jewelry today so i’m actually going to select women’s and then filter things down even more to jewelry and as you can see the women’s jewelry is right here but i want to focus things down even more as i want to focus on earrings today so i’m just going to select

Earrings right here and boom right here so here we have the tops um i think like 20 or so uh top like 50 or so you can go to the next page but we have the top 50 best-selling earrings on amazon right now this is a list that’s updated every hour so you’re gonna get the latest and greatest uh updated best-selling products every hour so it’s not like uh you know the

Best-selling products from last month or like last year or something like that so it’s gonna always be updated which is great uh it’s great peace of mind and all you need to do now from here on is you know you have your own uh jewelry store or jewelry niche store or fashion store whatever it is um you have your own store you have your own identity you have your

Own brand so you have an idea of what your vision is so um all you need to do is kind of just look through this list and kind of find things that suits your vision of your store and brand and also if you think something catches your eye or it’s interesting then definitely make a mental note of it take a screenshot or like take some no physical notes or whatever

It is that helps you keep track of it because we’re going to need it later for when you source your products so just kind of looking through these um you know just take some mental notes and stuff and i see like this bohemian style is kind of popular right now right here so or this leaf uh style teardrop style so oh like i’d keep that in mind when i look through

And source my products later on so i think you know uh take your time here you know look through these products and make that list of products that you feel like will suit your business well and once you have that ready to go all you need to do is go over here to aliexpress and once you’re in aliexpress there’s two ways you can do it you can kind of categorize it

Down to jewelry and then go over here to trendy earrings and boom you could see like all these earrings that are you know doing well um on aliexpress that you can source but uh say you wanted something more specific say i really like that bohemian style earring right so maybe i want something a little bit more specific so i can kind of do this bohemian earrings

And uh there was like a suggestion for bohemian earrings for women so that’s even something else you can add to it but let’s say i really like the bohemian earrings i feel like they could do really well um it fits my store store brand it’s my store identity so i could just type in a keyword to be a little bit more specific of the style of earrings i want instead

Of just having um you know the large category of earrings to search from if i just want to kind of focus on one style here so in this video i’m trying to show you guys uh kind of more of a focused approach on with this so i’m gonna kind of filter things down even a little more so i do want stuff that has four star reviews and up because i don’t want stuff with

Low reviews just because um you know when you’re drop shipping products you want your um there sometimes is a long wait time in between and you don’t want your customers to wait for a product and have it come and be a crappy product so i technically i tend to like to stay with products that have 4.5 reviews on up and have a high amount sold so just kind of looking

Through this um i want products that have like over 500 sold so this is good uh i’m kind of you know 4.6 is good this is this is an idea but i kind of want to look through it and see you know what else is you know going around here so i’m looking through it i kind of like this i kind of like this so it’s kind of like that bohemian style but it also has that like

Um you know and click on it so i can show you guys more indeed so has that bohemian style but has that like luxury like tiffany style that um it’s kind of uh popular here as you can see that like silver look here um on few a few of these so it’s kind of combining both this bohemian style with this like silver style here so um if i had to store i this would be

This would be a product that i feel like could be really good because it kind of mixes both styles and i think you know it’s a solid product um it’s on sale right now so the price is good it has high reviews and has a good amount sold as over 500 sold it’s almost like 800 and then has over 200 reviews here so i’m going to show you guys one secret that these gurus

Are also charging you like thousands of dollars for and the secret here is once you find a product that you like and maybe you’ve tested it and you’ve had success you had a few conversions and it’s doing really well uh i definitely recommend uh especially with like earrings and women’s fashion and stuff to definitely try to build a relationship with the seller and

What i mean by building a relationship with your seller is you know taking the time to message the seller and just saying like hey you know uh you link to your website uh this is my shopify store i view some of your products i’m a really big fan um i would love to be able to set up a drop shipping deal with you so i can source more of your products to add to my

Store and then just kind of send that feeler out and then go from there because once you build that relationship with a seller they can give you you know uh better prices on bulk shipping um and access to like the the latest products that they have that they might have have even added to their stores yet but they’ll send you maybe like a few images like hey what

Do you think about this product do you think it’d be good for your store and you could say oh hey you get first dibs at it then you know and some people who have to like go up wait for it to go on the website and things like that so it’s just building that connection so you can get you know better profit margins and things such as that so um one thing i do want

To tell you guys though um you know don’t be discouraged when you do this at first and you’re not getting a lot of uh replies or most people are like you know just not replying to you so if you’re not getting replies don’t get discouraged uh you know there if you go back here uh there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sellers on aliexpress so you know um

You’re bound to get one eventually i i really believe that and yeah so that’s basically all you need so um i just caught this one too this one has high reviews and has over a thousand three hundred and fifty eight sold sorry i kind of like lost my train of thought right there but this is a product that’s really interesting to me too i actually like this product

A lot actually so i like this too compared to this so these two are really good oh shoot all right so these two are really good products um i feel like they could both do really well so maybe you can add both of these products to your store and you know test them out and see what does well here so once you add these products to your store um where do you go from

There how do you get conversions or how do you get people to go to your store and purchase stuff right that’s the million dollar question that everybody wants no no well the key is in your marketing and your um your con uh your marketing strategy so what i mean by your marketing strategy is um there’s two methods that you can do you could either do the organic

Method which is you know seo copywriting and uh email listing and updated blog posts to kind of drive that google search traffic over to your website um this is a free strategy but it does take time like uh i say a few months to a year just because um you’re constantly having a search for keywords and update your keywords to you know compete in this google

Search rankings and um you know once you do that you have to wait a bit to see the data from google analytics and just kind of gauge it from there so that’s it’s free but it’s not something i recommend doing if you want to start turning profits and testing your product out and seeing if it’s doing well so what i do recommend to do that in a fast and efficient

Manner is definitely running a ppc campaign so um ppc stands for pay-per-click and basically the two key ones are gonna be google ads and facebook ads so it’s kind of self-explanatory google ads uses google keywords and google software google search rankings and things such as that and facebook ads uses obviously facebook’s api which is like all the facebook

User database and have your ads show on facebook then you know your ads on google so um they’re both really good they both have different purposes and you can even run both different ads at the same time which most people do and what i do recommend of course is a hybrid strategy where you do an organic and ppc campaign at the same time because you know organic

Once you kind of get things set up you kind of just have to let it sit there and you know marinade but you can keep continuing running your ppc campaigns to continue to drive traffic to your website as well so you can do both and um what do i like to use as what a lot of like viewers like to ask me and what i like to use is facebook ads just because it gives me

That more of a targeted approach because i have access to people’s facebook um not to sound like big brother here but i have access to people’s like um facebook demographic basically um you know there’s four billions of people on facebook and when you fill out your facebook profile most people like to fill in their interests and likes and stuff like that so i can

Filter my um my ads to be to the point where it only shows to people who have those interests and likes so say um like boho bohemian uh i can filter things down to where people are who are interested in bohemian have liked maybe bohemian pages or things like that will see my ad so if someone’s interested in bohemian fashion and they see you know these earrings

They’re more likely to buy than someone who’s maybe just like uh into guns and trucks and stuff like that they’re probably not going to want to buy this unless it’s for their wife or something so basically that’s why i like um facebook ads it gives us that targeted approach and my new strategy is actually using accio’s one minute product launcher so i’ll kind

Of show you guys like what it is because it allows me to basically launch a facebook campaign in less than you know five minutes or so so all i’m doing right here is selecting my um my business account and this is going to be my business page right here and all i’m going to do is copy this link right here and paste it in here and what agile’s doing right now is

Basically pulling all the information necessary from this aliexpress link to create that facebook campaign that i need so basically if you look right here it’s basically a facebook campaign broken down so you have your images um you have your title and then you have your interest and demographic right here that you can an audience that you can target then you

Have a demographic right here and then you have somewhere where you can put your copy and information so if you’ve ever seen a facebook ad it’s pretty much everything you need right there so i’ll show you guys how i filter things down kind of and how simple this tool really is compared to you know using facebook ads sometimes which can be kind of complicated but

I do have videos on that on my channel if you guys want to look do that as well but this is just a new strategy that we’re testing out and using and it’s been doing really well so far so um looking through these images i think they’re all pretty solid uh no complaints here so i’m just gonna keep them like this and if i did i wanna edit them i can but uh they’re

Good here and it’s not gonna be like a you know you know people have to slide through like six different images it’s actually going to be compiled into this quick little video once that when people hit play it kind of just shows off the images like rapidly and it doesn’t stop so they can kind of see everything they need for the ad which is awesome and we don’t

Want this giant keyword magnet so i can just say like um trendy coach bohemian but that is a strategy you can use um if you wanna if it’s like coachella season which i think kind of passed but and you know not this year because the whole situation but if it’s coachella season you could do trendy coachella earrings and you know you’ll get a ton of hits so trending

Bohemian earrings and then boom um earrings trendy fashion so as you can see i have one two three four five six seven selected which is awesome and what’s cool here is i have my audience here selected actually i know what pandora but i have my audience here selected it’s not gonna be compiled into all together for one campaign it’s actually gonna be um i have

One two three six unique six audiences here so it’s actually gonna be six unique ad sets that way when i actually launch my ad i know which interest and audience is actually the one doing good compared to the other ones that might not be doing so well so it gives me that foundation to where i can continue to build more and more targeted campaigns which is the

Secret because most people when they run facebook ads they try to select you know all of these different um things in facebook ads and then you know once they launch their ad um their budget runs up super quick and then they have no idea like okay what led to you know what led to this what let’s this conversion what led to this what didn’t work what did work all

You have is this massive amount of like uncategorized data compared to when if i launch six unique ad sets i can tell like okay you know um jewelry maybe didn’t do so good um it ran out my budget really fast and there was like no conversions but maybe um arts jewelry did really good i had high conversion rates i had to click through rates and things such as

That so i could take the budget later on from jewelry to put it into our jewelry here so you know when you’re using agile you can definitely feel free to you know check as much boxes as you like because you never know some audiences might do really good and it might not be the one you expect compared to you know on facebook ads you kind of have to like be more

Specific with your interests going through each um going through each creation of an ad which takes a lot of time obviously so um we have a demographic here and i can narrow things down here a little bit to 18 to 65 and then from here on i’m just going to type in some quick copy um i do recommend spending a little bit more time on your copy here but uh for the

Sake of video i’m just going to type up something quick so say it’s coachella season right be like trendy bohemian uh earrings with crescent designs design and it’s perfect for coachella coachella because it’s awesome and boom there we go training bohemian earrings with crescent designs perfect for coachella and all you have to do now is hit schedule now so as

You can see our trendy bohemian earrings facebook ad is up here and ready to go and it’s simple just like that a facebook ad campaign ready to launch in less than five minutes or so so i just kind of want to go over everything in review um what you want to do is of course start out on the amazon’s best sellers list and filter things down to your niche on whatever

It is so in our case it was women’s jewelry and i didn’t want to stop by just jewelry i wanted to be a little bit more specific and i went down to earrings and if you even want to be even more specific because jewelry is kind of a broad topic so maybe you’ve looked at your sales and you’re saying okay i want to add a new product but i’m not sure what or like hey

This product is doing really well i want more of this product um you can kind of narrow things down from here on and select maybe you want clip-on earrings or cuffs and wraps or drop-in dangle i’m not a big earring expert but i guess there’s different type of earrings here so you can filter things out even more if you want and then from then on you can go over

Here to aliexpress to source your earrings which is great because aliexpress like i said has hundreds and hundreds of sellers and hundreds and hundreds and millions of products so um you can just take your time um kind of look through and find products filter things down of course and find products that catches your eye that you know feels like suits your business

Based off of you know what’s on this bestseller’s list you know um you know if you like these designs people other people like them too and they’re all selling really well right now so you already have this idea of like what people are kind of buying and then pair that with your vision of what a good product is for your store and brand and you know just find it

Here and then you know you’ll know once you see it like um that’s why i kind of stopped talking in the middle of my um the video earlier because i saw this area and i was like oh man this is exactly like what um i was looking for so i had an id i thought this one was going to be really good uh let me see hold on i thought this one was going to be really good which

Is it’s still really good it’s a good product you know but then i saw this one and then you know it has 4.8 reviews and over uh 1300 sold and it just caught my eye and i was like okay this is a product i definitely have to try to test out and that’s what i did and then you know once you add it to your shopify store it’s that it comes down to your marketing and

You know like i said i give you guys various different options earlier uh depending on which way you want to go you know ppc organic facebook ads google ads agile uh whatever it is it’s up to you and from then on you just lay down that foundation and build from there and that’s how you have a successful and winning shopify store and i hope these are some of the

Winning products that you can use in your store so if you like the video make sure to smash that like button which i’m sure you have already and then subscribe and hit the notification bell as well to learn more as we put out new videos pretty much every day and don’t forget to comment at your winners down below if you haven’t already to get that list of that free

Winning products and if you kind of just saw what i did with a chill and you’re kind of curious about it or you want to know more about it definitely check the links down below so we have a link over to our landing page where there’s a video explaining exactly what agile is what it’s designed for and how it can be used to take your business to the next level but

Also there’s a clarity link down below if you want something more personal you can schedule like a 30 minute call john will reach out to you and he’ll discuss you know um you know goals with you on your business and your business goals and how echo can help you scale your business to the next level as well so this isn’t a hard sell it’s just a product that we’re

Using right now and it’s been doing you know we’ve been killing it with facebook ads and stuff like that but like i said you know there’s various different methods um there’s the organic method there’s the ppc method and like i said the goal of this video was to show you this list of winning product uh how to find a winning product and you know show you guys a

Few winning products to get the brain juices flowing on how to succeed in the jewelry niche so i hope they really helped you and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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Why This Jewelry Product is A New Shopify Winner By Adchill