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WINTER SKINCARE Night Routine *Talking Acne and Dry Skin* (The Ordinary & La Roche-Posay) Part 1

Hi!! this is my current skincare routine for the dry and cold wintertime! Loving the new products I’ve been using from The Ordinary & La Roche-Posay. Links below, I highly recommend!

Hello there don’t i look adorable well it’s that time of the night i need to get this makeup off my skin because i just want to rub my face on a pillow i need to get these contacts out of my face immediately i just need to be like stripped clean and ready for relaxation and go to sleep because i was feeling festive i put my little skincare headband on we’re gonna

Go through some things we’re gonna go through what my winter skincare routine is because it’s switched up from season to season i’ve also bought a couple new things you know how tick tock is anyways so first thing i’m gonna do is i’m going to wash my face old faithful here cetaphil we’ve been in a relationship since i was in high school i have not strayed away from

Her even though survey is tempting so i’m gonna go ahead and wash my face take one last good look at me okay i usually will like wash my face i’ll go through and like do this once wash it off cleanse it off get all the mascara off and then i will go through and like do it one more time just to make sure all the makeup’s off there okay that’s that’s one time okay

Now we’re stopping wet now we bring out the box of goodies all of my current favorite skincare stuff always go my little box right now what i’ve been doing i just got this is immediately after i wash my face i’m gonna go in with the ordinary glycolic acid seven percent tonic solution i just got this like last week and let me tell you this stuff has changed the way

My skin feels i wasn’t really i was using the bliss clarifying serum and really i was just thinking that helped with like acne but let me tell you this stuff i think exfoliates but also gets the extra makeup off that may not have came off whenever i wash my face i not give this product more praise my skin is so soft i feel like i’m really getting like all the dead

Skin off of there you try to like avoid my eyes then i might go on my neck because i really kind of forget to wash my neck and i know there’s makeup there guys the proof is in the pudding it’s not pretty either oh it’s so gross the only con to this that i found so far is that it doesn’t really smell that good so what i do is i just rinse my face off one last time

Immediately my skin feels so smooth you tell how smooth it is next we are going to go in i like to keep simple at night you know so i’m gonna go in with the ordinary hyaluronic acid now i just also got this so i’m not super well versed on it yet you know i really haven’t had it long enough to like form an opinion from what i’ve seen so far i like and i know there

Are really good things to hyaluronic acid as far as moisture tension i’m just gonna kind of press it in i did put too much on i can already tell put on my neck maybe my chest a little bit foreign because i’m feeling extra and you’re watching me i’m gonna go in with the survey eye cream repair i think a lot of times whenever i’m putting on moisturizer at night i

Forget to put anything on my eye area so i think my eyes go really under moisturized sometimes and i also think my eyes are kind of like a little sensitive so i do avoid my eye area with a lot of other products but this stuff has never caused a problem and i do think it has helped like whenever i put concealer on or something next up we’re gonna go straight in

The lotion moisturizer we’ve got the la roche posay psychoplast bomb b5 psychopus psychoplast i don’t know this is also new for me it is soothing therapeutic multiscream what makes me trust this product so much is that literally they use this stuff on babies like it is advertised to use on babies like on the box so if it’s safe enough to use on babies it’s safe

Enough to use all over my so we go straight and rub this puppy in and let me tell you i’ve been using this for probably a week now i’ve been loving it absolutely loving it i feel like i wake up in the morning and i look like i just got done with the most peaceful sleep of my life and my skin is so healthy so dewy so happy to be alive 10 out of 10 for this product

I really thought it was going to be bigger too when i bought it i think this was like 15 dollars and it’s like a fluid ounce 1.35 next up because i am hormonal i get acne i’m 25. i thought acne want to be a thing when i turned 25 not true so we go in and we’re gonna daughter around i like to put this all over my chin because that’s where i get my acne the most

Also very hormonal area and i’m just gonna kind of tap it in maybe use a little extra from over here make sure i put it where i have a lot of blackheads which is my nose and my forehead i feel like this is a hormonal squat too like it’s that time month or something i seem to have more stuff in this area i have been dealing with acne like my entire life now do i

Have cystic acne no but i think i just learned how to somewhat deal with it two years ago a year ago which is crazy what i’m last gonna do for the night before i tuck myself to sleep is moisturize my neck no one thinks about the neck but the neck is a very sensitive area also the skin there needs to be moisturized have you looked in an older lady’s neck let me

Tell you they love to point out their necks because they get wrinkly and it’s not something we think about when we’re on we’re just like my face my face now that i’m perfectly bummed up it’s time to go to sleep time to lay my little head on my little pillow tuck myself into bed and go to sleep and wake up with beautiful skin tomorrow good night well good morning

It’s another day in paradise and and it’s time to wash my face

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WINTER SKINCARE Night Routine *Talking Acne and Dry Skin* (The Ordinary & La Roche-Posay) Part 1 By Hlander