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WOW How to setup Bartender4 Guide | WOW Bartender4 Setup | WOW Bartender4 Tutorial

WOW how to setup Bartender4

What’s up gaming heroes my name is erosium and welcome back to another video in today’s video i’m going to be showing you how you can set up bartender 4 the awesome add-on which basically allows you to completely customize all of your action bars across the board it’s so helpful for key binding because it’s so simple with its effectiveness and you also get to

Move around the action bars or get rid of action bars or add extra action bars at just a couple clicks of a button it’s not overly complicated and it’s the add-on of preference for myself i have tried to use other similar add-ons such as lvui and i tried lvui for literally two months and i just couldn’t get to get used to it it didn’t flow the same for me as it

Does for bartender 4 and it’s just become my preference for add-ons for action bars as an overall this is just because bartender 4 doesn’t take control of too much of your world of warcraft experience with lvui you’ll press like something like let’s go to questlog and all this will be look completely different and you’ll have to go into lvui to try and turn

That off or try and switch things off and it just becomes too cumbersome to deal with in all honesty so what i do now is i just stick to bartender for it’s nice and simple and easy to use and the best bet is i can literally just save a preset and when i create a new character i can just load that preset and everything’s in place ready for me all the same key

Bindings all the same action bars the whole shebang all right now just before we get into the video you just need to do one thing and that is some smash that like button it really really helps with the youtube algorithm and makes sure that i can make more of these awesome awesome videos for you guys to watch please make sure you hit that like button you click

Subscribe let’s get into the video so first of all we need to literally load bartender 4 which is this simple add-on here very easy to use just click bartender 4 we are going to reload this add-on reload ui and that will load in the add-on it will recognize that you’ve got a very basic action bar just down here and we are going to uh we’re going to edit that

All up and make it look fancy um we’re going to use bartender 4 to do absolutely everything here now first of all i noticed my webcam is just hiding the the action bar slightly so let’s just change that okay and it was that easy okay so let’s go to the mini map where you can see just here and right click this where it says bartender for from here we will be

Able to see a list of different options here so this will probably be like that just click bars and then it will open up bartender 4 here which is all of the options that you need and in all honesty this is not very many options uh it’s very simple to use easy and it doesn’t take lots and lots of of testing and messing about with to get it going which is what

I quite like now personally i like to use bartender 4 in conjunction with another add-on called sexy maps and sexy maps basically changes your mini map icon here so you can change this to be a square to be bigger to be to move around if you want to but also sexy maps allows you to move the quest objectives bar here so you can move that across depending on what

You’re after i will show you that after the video the first is first so if you left-click bartender 4 you can see you get a bunch of green bars here now for simplicity’s sake i like to just move out this blizzard art bar because i don’t personally use the blizzard art bar so i right click bartender 4 i go down to blizzard art bar and i actually disable that by

Clicking enable and making sure that’s unticked so that will disappear now from my view i don’t need that another one that i don’t actually need is the bag bar here see this bag bar it’s a bit cumbersome it’s it’s not even all the way around it’s got this large bag here and then four smaller bags here i find it kind of annoying for my ocd i just get rid of that

As well if i need to open my bags i press b i don’t really click it personally but that’s entirely up to you and what your preferences are now for micro menu i like to stick that at the bottom left and that’s i just like to have that out just in case i’ve get keybind for something or accidentally over keybind something i can still click it here no problemo so i

Have my micro menu just there now this is where i start to change things a little bit i have my xp we just get rid of this box here i have my xp bar just here right at the bottom and then i like to basically organize things on a numeric value so my first action bar is always action bar number one now some people might want to have like two action bars side by

Side like that that’s completely up to you guys i personally like to go for a centralized single action bar setup just stacked on top of one another so from there you can see that we’ve got action bar 3 4 but we haven’t got an action bar 2 so i’m going to need to enable action bar 2 enable action bar 2 that is done so where is action bar two here it is and you’ll

Notice it’s a different size to action bar one so we are gonna need to change that that’s no problem it’s easy to do simply right click bartender four go to bar one and you’ll see r1 is the the size that i quite like so i just have to look here at what we’ve got in terms of settings scale is one padding is six let’s change this padding to six here and that should

Make it the exact same size then simply drag it to the appropriate distance that you want so for all of my action bars i actually always go one two three and then i have a couple on the side as well so we need to change this three because it’s a vertical bar and we want to make that a horizontal bar instead which is completely fine i also noticed the padding is

Slightly off so i need to make sure that is a six padding and rows here because it is horizon it is basically horizontal i’m sorry it is vertical we want to make it horizontal we need to make the rows down to one which therefore makes it horizontal nice and easy to use see that one two three this makes it super easy for alts when you are doing keybinds for alt

Alternate characters when you have it just simply as one bar one bar two bar three you can simply switch between and have all your keybinds the same very easy to use now for bar bar six will sort out in just a minute pet bar i always like to have that just above bar three vehicle bar i always have the left side extra action bar i usually have that centralized

Along with zone ability which is just straight over it like so now bar four and five are ones i also like to use and we will show you what i like to do for those right now so for bar four i don’t like the the the length ways look the vertical look at all it’s not for me i also don’t need 12 buttons i find because these sidebars here tend to be what i use for

Professions fancy mounts toys pets etc etc so i actually only go for 10 buttons on these side buttons here on these sidebars just here and if you’re struggling at all to move this around it’s not it keeps clicking into place you’re getting frustrated with that you can hold shift and that allows you to actually very delicately place the bar exactly as you like

It now remember you only need to do this on one character because when it’s done on one character you can very easily copy this across to another character so it’s very cool like that let’s make sure the padding is six we want to make sure that everything is easily transferable to each character so four and five so uh five is going to be two rows please and

We’d like ten buttons not twelve okey dokey that’s nice and easy we’ve placed that i’m holding shift as i’m placing that so i can make sure we have a nice accurate placing okay now that is all placed i need to move these uh these spells here off this bar and stick them into my bar too so simply lock and drag your abilities down to where you want them so that

Is super easy for me i’ve already got keybinds here because it’s recognized i’ve got keybinds on my other characters and it’s saying oh rosie do you want us just to use these same keybinds you’ve got on these other characters and i’m like yes please i would like that okay let’s go into the keybinds section of this video now with bartender 4 it is so easy to

Keybind simply right click bartender 4 click keybind and when you are going over your character you basically have to choose whether you want these keybinds to be character specific that means that if it’s your warrior you’re doing your keybinds for if you click this only your warrior will have these key binds if you log on to your your rogue or your druid or

Whatever character you are playing on off hand you won’t have the same keybinds now what you do need to bear in mind is if you have this unticked you will find that thanks very much for the heels mr priest sorry about that now if you have this unticked what you will find is all of your characters will share the exact same keybinds so as you can see here i’ve got

F1 through to f5 and then after that it’s g f wheel up wheel down etc etc and all of my characters will have the same thing same keybinds and all of my characters will have the same keem binds unless i have this character specific keybinds turned on now to actually keybind erosium stop talking at me and tell me actually what i can keybind no problemo so you see

This button here let’s take f1 for example i don’t want f1 here i want to put it as something else all together so i’m going to press escape which clears the keybind makes sure that there’s no key bind to that specific button then to simply add one i need to hover over that button there and press the button on my keyboard that i want to use for this keybind be

Careful with this because you do have lots of various different keybinds in world of warcraft that you could accidentally over keybind so make sure it is something that you don’t use already okay so i’m going to press f1 again and you can see f1 gets input there as my keyboard bind now this will be the same for all of my characters so if i suddenly decided to put

This as a i don’t know as t then all my characters would have this is t or three that all my characters would have it’s three so you gotta be careful with that click okay that is done now personally i’ve got it showing so it only shows the actual buttons here when i’m moving abilities i don’t like to personally have it showing all the time and that just reminds

Me now we’ve moved all our abilities from bar six we can disable that right there we no longer need it very simple now sometimes people like a simple ui they don’t like to have anything too complicated so this is what we’re going to do right now okay for this section of the video i’m going to be teaching you how you can basically hide certain bars in your action

Bars here so say for example we’ve got bar four and five we only want to see these when i need to use them like half stones i don’t want to see half stones on my screen until i actually need to click them i find them just annoying to look at and i only want to see my spells to keep it simple same for my mounts i only want to see them when i’m clicking them okay so

This is how you do that we recognize but bar four and bar five are the two bars we need to hide let’s go to bar full click visibility so you’re on general settings here and click visibility then click fade out and it will say how much do you want it to fade out by do you want it to be ten percent you want to be hunt like do you want to be zero percent so basically

If it’s zero percent it will be completely hidden and if it’s 100 it won’t be hidden at all you need to make sure you decide on how much you want it to fade out by so say we went for 50 close lock you can see it it’s faded out by 50 so it’s harder to see but not impossible to see at the same time now i quite like going for the zero percent look completely but

I mean 10 20 isn’t bad as well you can just see it and when you hover over it it does appear again which is quite cool to see same for five we’re gonna go for probably a a 20 there i think that’s probably a good idea and click fade out to make that work that way when we’re playing the game we can’t see them until we hover over them and they’re nice and easy now

We’ve done the actual bartender 4 setup guide i want to show you the sexy maps which is what i use in conjunction with bartender 4. let’s activate sexy maps okay so we’ve actually got sexy maps automatically loaded right here and it’s loaded i think my default one that i always use across all of my characters because it’s nice and simple it looks really nice

It’s a square you can make it really big if you want to or you can make it smaller depending on what you are after now i’m simply just going to go to my preset and copy my main character’s preset this will automatically load the preset i usually use which is the one i started with already luckily which is quite cool now from here if you simply want to edit what

Your map looks like or edit say this quest bar and move that it’s as easy as right clicking the mini map then clicking the plus sign here next to sexy map which is basically all of the settings that you can access from here you can decide what you want to move so let’s move the quest log here so i’m going to click this lock movers which will unlock movers and

This will show basically the things that we can use here to move around so say i want my quest log to be all the way over here i can do that no problemo if i want to just maybe bring it across slightly so i can fit an action bar on the right side here no problem i can do that i just want to move all the way across so i have it perfectly in line just there that’s

Completely fine also now armored man mover which it’s entirely up to you where you really want to put that seat mover i always have that like around here usually um sometimes i pull it in this uh this corner over here and just hide out the way because it’s annoying but it’s entirely up to you where you want to put that simple click lock movers and that will lock

Those back in place now with sexy map i can right click that and it will take me back to the main menu here for settings and you can basically dictate the size of the map that you wish to have not only that but you can also choose the actual map style you are having so if we want if we’re playing a shaman for example and we wanted to go for more of a a shamanistic

Style you can actually go for maybe the actual shamanism by jay goody which is a a user who’s created their own map and it gives you this kind of cool looking map additionally i quite like the which one is it here i quite like stargate stargate’s a nice one as well get a nice look to it and it looks like a stargate that’s very cool additionally though i actually

Find the simple square is the nicest uh is is the nicest simple one to get going with um i like the is it faded square is that there is a faded square one i really like but either way i can copy everything straight across from my main profile which is just accept and then that was loading automatically so when i create a new character to get bartender for and

To get my sexy maps loaded i simply will let’s let’s create a character right now okay so see here you can see basically i’ve got the very basics of everything here on my my game i don’t want to have to go through all the settings because that is to be honest just an absolute black so i’m going to simply right click bartender 4 go down to profiles and this

Automatically recognizes that i’ve got existing profiles on my account and it’s saying rosie which one do you want to use i’m going to click erosion which is my main character so i know all my settings are most up-to-date on that character click erosium and that will automatically load up the bars now because i’ve not got very much here um in terms of everything

Put together it will basically require me to move a couple things around so say for example my pet bar will need to move to here extra action bar needs to move to there lock and then simply drag things down now i have noticed that my keybinds are wrong on this character that’s fine we simply need to go to keybinds so right click the bartender 4 click keybinds then

Untick character specific keybinds done click ok and very easily all your keybinds are now back to normal we can therefore untick the bar six because we won’t need bar six and for sexy maps i don’t like this sex maps we want it to be our normal one so we’ll copy a profile from erosium okay accept that and then that will reload our ui and hopefully everything will

Be in place our quest objectives our actual mini map the whole shebang will look exactly how we like it for all of our characters so instead of having to go through like a 10 15 20 minutes uh set up you can literally just do this once and then copy across all your characters and have your life simple as heck which is what i like i don’t play world of warcraft i

Have to set up things all the time with lv ui and things like that i have it to be very simple and that’s the way i like it so there we go easy peasy lemon squeezy you can see that the um the map is very simple at the top i don’t like this too big because it does get in the way of the debuff which can be frustrating and then you’d have to look at ways to move the

Debuff i just keep it very simple with what we’ve got just there all right guys so there you have it you’ve got a very simple action bar set up for you there and i really hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you did just do me a favor and click that like button click subscribe and make sure you leave me a comment in the section below for any future videos

You would like to see remember the links for these add-ons are in the description i’m happy to help i will see you next time this is a rosie amount and you have a lovely lovely day you

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WOW How to setup Bartender4 Guide | WOW Bartender4 Setup | WOW Bartender4 Tutorial By Erosium