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Wozaj Sa Boyama Tebeiri Nasl Uygulanr ? Wozajs Hair Chalk How To Use ?

Wozaj Saç Boyama Tebeşiri Nasıl Uygulanır ? Wozajs Hair Chalk How To Use ?

Hi guys hi i’m making sure to brush carly’s hair out really really well that is going to help it when you put the highlights in to not have to rip through that chalk because it’s really like chalky feeling when you go down there and it makes it snarling so i’m brushing through her hair really we’re going to show you a little bit of a different look for carly’s

Birthday we did all pink and today we’re gonna do a look with different colors so it’s kind of like a tie-dye fill just a little bit more fun i’m just gonna start by sounds like wetting down her hair and i really wish i had a squirt bottle rather than a hair spray bottle okay we’re gonna do pink first just like we did before one hair is just so awesome for more

Anyways in a general rule of life blonde hair is just better sorry i want red hair i know or red yeah like sarah and our producer she isn’t awesome right there and we could because you know i do know somebody who dyed my hair i don’t think that would not your hair red there’s just something awesome about a natural brunette that’s like we’ll never have tall dark and

Beautiful okay i’m just gonna show you guys these first bite pieces what you should do is go through and pick out pieces put all the pink’s in in different sections pick out all the different colors put your equation in different sections all around pick out certain pieces put in the purple so that you don’t have to keep washing your hand in between because it’s

Going to stain your hand but since we’re just doing this for a video i’m just going to show you the different colors here in the front and i’m gonna do the turquoise on this piece like really keep you comfortable be on for these kids oh my hannah montana that’s what’s going on out there oh yeah this is like so i just want like they’re gonna be chunks of different

Colors and then when you dry it and curl it it’s all gonna look really cute together how many washes did it take to wash out the pink um i like really within one wash you could just view look so you can tell that i had like a tiny tiny bit i just thought i had strawberry pink tips for the day but really out completely in two washes so that’s good yeah yeah see

This fun reminds me of my little pony so like i said before just make sure to get the front and the back fully coated kind of move those hairs so that you can kind of get in there really good so i’m just gonna continue on all over carly’s hair and then we will be back to show you how we dried it and curl it okay so we’ve just gone around and did the pink sections

Like i talked about just random okay so i’ve just added some turquoise pieces and with the pink okay so we just saw all these fun colors and carly’s hair and we’re going to blow dry them so when you drain your hair you just like yeah just comes out done quick soft yeah soft strong that this is that one softly and romantically okay we just drank carly’s hair and

Carly’s nerves really soft so it was pretty easy to piece through if your hair’s thick and coarse and snarls easily you might have to brush yeah i had a brush braley’s a little bit more but when you brush it it kind of flakes the chalk off so if you can avoid doing that it does work better so now i’m just going to start curling carly’s hairs and i’m going to make

The cross go back so that they’re away from her face okay guys so that is it pork chop highlights and this is just a fun look i’m gonna like how it turned out me too it’s so fun stefan you heard it here so if i will take a leave if you guys have any other questions please leave it in the comments below if you guys try this and love seeing pictures so please leave

Them on facebook and tweet them to this kid okay we’ll see you next time

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Wozaj Saç Boyama Tebeşiri Nasıl Uygulanır ? Wozajs Hair Chalk How To Use ? By wozaj