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Xiaomi Mijia Omni Robot Vacuum-Mop B101CN: 2022 +

Xiaomi Mijia Omni Robot Vacuum-Mop B101CN – это один из самых заряженных роботов-пылесосов 2022 года. При стоимости около 700-750$ только послушайте, чем может похвастаться этот аппарат. На борту у него не только лидар, но и система датчиков для определения предметов на полу. Чистящий модуль представлен боковой и центральной щеткой, за которой размещены две вращающиеся салфетки из микрофибры. Эти салфетки способны автоматически подниматься при заезде на ковровые покрытия. И более того, сам робот-пылесос оснащен станцией, на которой автоматически самоочищается, полощет салфетки и сушит горячим воздухом. В целом, это топовый набор решений, значительно упрощающий процесс обслуживание робота и повышающий качество уборки. Я подробно протестировал Mijia Omni, после чего выразил собственное мнение, насколько качественно он справляется со своей основной задачей и может ли он считаться лучшим в своём ценовом сегменте. Приятного просмотра!

Hello everyone, you are on the robot channel review in this video we will consider one of the most anticipated and charged robot vacuum cleaners in 2022, we will talk about xiaomi mijiaomi robot wakemob b101cn at a cost of about 700-750 dollars, just listen what this device can boast of on board it does not only lidar, but also a sensor system for detecting objects on

The floor, the cleaning module is represented by a side and central brush, due to which two rotating microfiber cloths are placed, these cloths are able to automatically rise upon arrival on carpets and, moreover, the robot vacuum cleaner itself is equipped with a station on which the robot automatically self-cleaning, rinses wipes and dries with hot air in general,

This is a top-end set of solutions that greatly simplifies the maintenance process of the robot and improves the quality of cleaning, then i will test the mijia omni in detail, after which i will express my own opinion how well it copes with its main task and whether it can be considered the best in its price segment i would be grateful if, after watching the video,

You rate my efforts by subscribing like so let’s go, and before we proceed to a detailed review, i would like to recommend you the filterix website where you can order accessories for robotic vacuum cleaners and vertical cleaners for a large number of brands website will be useful not only to those who are now choosing their first robot vacuum cleaner, but also to the

Owners of these devices, the assortment offers high-quality and inexpensive consumables brushes filters napkins and bags for the station link to the site station includes a power adapter with an adapter for a euro socket, an instruction manual in chinese, a spare bag for the station and a tool for cleaning the robot, the equipment is minimal as always. o absolute copy of

Dremibot l10s ultra the review of which has already been published on the channel, but it’s worth recognizing that mi jouni was released six months earlier, the difference is minimal, but we’ll talk about it later, we’ll start the review with the robot vacuum cleaner itself, it’s made in white color body shape round body height 97 mm from the floor to the right on

The mechanical bumper a wall sensor is installed in the center there is a sensor system for detecting and accurately bypassing objects on the floor on the control panel there are two mechanical buttons lidar equipped with a spring-loaded cover that protects the robot from getting stuck under furniture under the top cover there is a dust collector we see that the container

And happa filter manufacturer allows rinsing with water this plus a filtration system based on a mesh and hepo filter the water tank is hidden inside the case it holds up to 80 ml of water water is pumped into the robot automatically at the station from the bottom of the case there are 4 fall protection sensors lateral brush one three -beam quick-detachable block of the

Central brush floating bristly petal brush itself can be disassembled on both sides to clean coiled hair and wool a useful life hack if necessary and wool, it’s true that you need to order not only a brush, but also a cover, since the native one from xiaomi crushes a silicone brush, but it’s still cool that there are holders with napkins attached to magnets, the napkins,

In turn, are attached to the velcro holders well, the own mechanism for lifting napkins is implemented by screwing and by unscrewing the platforms themselves, the lifting height reaches 7 mm; with the robot sorted out, we proceed to the station, as in the situation with the dream, the platform is not removable, but the module is removed for cleaning the napkins themselves;

Under it is a flat surface that is conveniently wiped higher behind a lid with a mechanical lock m there is a bag for self-cleaning of the dust collector; it holds up to 2.5 liters of such garbage; under the top cover of the station there are tanks for clean and dirty water; they are of a standard design with a volume of 2.5 liters; ultra well, speaking of drying, the

Napkins are dried with hot air for two hours, this time is enough to dry them and the unpleasant smell did not spread around the room. now about an important nuance, the midge is not bi-101cn. just such a device at the first start, the napkins are not wetted with water, either an air lock is formed, or a weak pump, as they say on the forums, but the fact remains that the

Station buzzes trying to supply water, but nothing happens, this problem can be solved in two ways, the first through the battle up to 5 times in a row turn on the forced rinse of napkins for about the fifth time, the water starts and the problem is solved by the second one, as i did, i disconnect the tube in the tank for pure water, remove the filter, and when the robot

Tries to turn on the rinsing of wipes with a syringe or mouth. having previously drawn water into it, blow it out . the pump will start up in the tube and the problem will be completely solved. solvable without service centers by the way, dreamy judging by the reviews, the same problem, but for example, i didn’t have a lottery in general, apart from the nuance with pomp,

There are no special comments on the robot, the main characteristics of the omni b101cn midge are displayed on the screen, i recommend pressing the pause for a comfortable study information here it is only important to check the suction power, the rest of the characteristics are quite standard speaking in the direction of the robot vacuum cleaner is designed for the chinese

Market, respectively, it connects to mi home through the china region, but i can say that the interface is in russian and the application itself surprisingly does not freeze and this is a big plus for chinese oh xiaomi except that there is no russian voice package, but this is not critical, the functions of the midge omni b101cn are displayed on the screen of a fairly large

Number of possibilities. in my opinion , the frequency of rinsing napkins is not very correctly implemented; square meters would be a better solution. well , this model does not have remote monitoring of the house, only automatic detection of objects on the floor if necessary. testing well, finally, let’s move on to the tests, first of all, let’s check the navigation of mijia

Omni in a room with obstacles, the robot vacuum cleaner first passes around the perimeter of the room, then it removes the entire available area of ​​​​the snake leg of the dryer, it determined and carefully drove around with a separate chalk around the box the sides and legs of the chairs, after which he returned to the station, the test was successfully passed,

Saying navigation within the house, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans room after room around the perimeter, then with a snake every 20 square meters, as it was established by me, it returns to the station and receives napkins, after which it starts cleaning with of the place where it had previously finished as a result, the apartment was cleaned with two intermediate arrivals

At the station not cleaned, navigation was good for this model, the system for detecting objects during the day is well implemented in this robot, he was able to accurately go around all six objects on the floor, including an imitation of a pet surprise however, certain objects are not marked with the corresponding icons on the map, respectively, there are doubts that the

Robot vacuum cleaner recognizes them, at least there is no confirmation of this, comparing with the same dream well, in complete darkness, the object detection system goes blind and the robot fell into almost all the traps i went into a mistake, consider this moment but speaking of the suction power here migio, i was pleasantly surprised he was able to suck out debris even

From a ten-millimeter gap and this is very cool for comparison, the same dream bottle 10s ultra showed the result of sucking debris out of only four gaps and then barely so mijou is much more powerful for me, in fact, the quality of collecting garbage of different structures on the laminate is good, there is only a little garbage in the corners from where round robot vacuum

Cleaners are not able to sweep all the garbage is collected in the dust collector, and it is important to pay attention to the fact that the bristly petal turbo brush has wrapped some of the hair around itself and wool but if you put a silicone brush from dream, the quality of cleaning will be the same but clearly much cleaner think about it an interesting opportunity

To pump your robot the same garbage was scattered on the carpet of the image omni did an excellent job with the task the test was successfully passed talking about wet cleaning in the presence of carpets you you can choose one of two options behavior of the robot the first automatic lifting of napkins upon arrival on carpets which will allow the robot to simultaneously

Vacuum and wipe the floor leaving the carpets dry and clean the second option to enable the function of automatic bypassing the carpet in the wet cleaning mode this will be relevant in the presence of carpets with high and medium pile to completely eliminate contact napkins with carpet, if necessary, with rubbing dirt, this robot vacuum cleaner copes with taking into account

Several intermediate rides to the station for rinsing napkins. this is the main advantage of such robots . just wipe it as predicted a narrow section along the plinth remained unwashed due to the fact that the wipes do not come out to the edges this is a problem of all robotic vacuum cleaners that have been tested to check the quality of wiping off complex dirt. first of all,

I didn’t want to to sing to publish a review before the start of the sale, which many people asked for and this would increase the shooting time by at least another day until the spots dry up secondly, the robot vacuum cleaner is then very problematic to clean from stuck sauce well, and most importantly, the cleaning module is the same as that of the dream one and i can

Say that the napkins of such robots do not press very hard on the surface. therefore, they wipe off complex pollution with great difficulty. especially without a detergent, as in the case of the jouni media, in general, see the result of such a test. you can in the review and expect a similar result from xiaomi well, i would immediately like to test the effectiveness of the

Station itself, let’s start with the quality of rinsing napkins at home after washing the floor, the condition of the napkins is not very neglected and after rinsing the napkins, i can say that they are actually clean, the minimum amount of dirt is washed out under the pressure of warm water this is a plus, but when testing in my case after the mud booth the robot is about

Very badly coped with rinsing the napkin under the pressure of water washed out a lot of dirt and this is strange maybe again the problem with the pump arose incomprehensibly but how easy it is to clean the platform at the station after difficult tests maintenance does not cause inconvenience the quality of self-cleaning of the dust collector is close to ideal i launched a

Robot vacuum cleaner in a room with a lot of garbage, he cleaned everything and we see that the dust collector is densely clogged with garbage, including wool and hair, we return the robot vacuum cleaner to the station and we see that the container is completely cleaned after self -cleaning self-cleaning well implemented this robot has 2 cm high omni midge without problems

Moves while lifting napkins. this is a plus of black coatings, he is also not afraid freely. driving on a completely black rug is another advantage of ro. well, as for the noise level with the suction turned off, it is in the range of 58-60 decibels at standard power, the noise level rises to 61 decibels in the strong mode, the noise level increases to 63-64 decibels and

At maximum power the peak value was 73 db yes, at maximum power the noise level is high but the suction power is high, which is interconnected xiaomi mijia omni robot wake you mobbi 101cn was reviewed and tested in our rating system, he managed to score 165 points and enter the top three best tested robot vacuum cleaners in 2022, he lost a little to the main competitors

Roboroc 7 maxvi ultra and dremibot l10s ultra, but comrades, the price is half that and this is a very weighty argument in favor of xiaomi however, as always, in the description of the video there are links to the evaluation algorithm and the overall rating of the tested robotic vacuum cleaners. first, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the robot, then i will express my

General impression after testing. i liked the following. it accurately determines objects on the floor at night. wipes effective dryer and wipes with hot air high -quality self-cleaning and rinsing of wipes high-quality dry and wet cleaning on any surfaces very high suction power robot vacuum cleaner is able to simultaneously vacuum and mop the floor flexible adjustment

Of cleaning parameters good passability the robot vacuum cleaner is not afraid of black floor coverings low noise level, if necessary, you can buy and install a silicone turbo brush instead of a bristle-petal one optimal price, taking into account the possibilities of speaking shortcomings in the testing process, the following were found compared with analogues, there are

Problems with water supply when rinsing napkins, but the benefit is that everything can be solved in complete darkness; the object recognition system goes blind; the robot vacuum cleaner does not sweep up debris in the corners; there is no local warranty and service support to connect the station to the sewerage and water supply systems. speaking of the penultimate remark,

They have already released a new midge omni 1c, the station of which is just connected to the sewerage and water supply system and is also equipped with a detergent tank like that of a dream, and the price of the robot is the same, therefore, for for whom it is important, it makes sense to order an updated model, a link to which i also posted in the description. and so

The shortcomings are either typical and for analogues or forgivable considering the price in any case, in my opinion xiaomi robot wake mobb101cn but the best robot vacuum cleaner up to $ 800 in 2022 well, or up to 50 thousand rubles, it is powerful, neat and at the same time copes well with both cleaning and self-service in general, definitely top for the money and in my

Subjective opinion this is a more interesting model when compared with the closest analogues of mieva and lead-100 w2, at least considering very high real power object detection system and the semi- function of lifting napkins on carpets well, the availability of consumables and spare parts, i think it will not be soon moved from the top 3 robots coming to the review on

This note and i would like to end the review if you have any questions, ask them in the comments under the video do not forget about subscriptions and likes happy shopping bye

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