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YETI Rambler Colster, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Drink Insulator

– YETI Rambler Colster, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Drink Insulator

I know one of the most important decisions about buying a yeti product online is whether you’re getting the real deal the colster i received today sold by pronghorn outfitters was indeed authentic i checked the label the etching the inserts and the quality and everything checked out as for the product itself i already owned one colster but wanted a second in

The brick red color i am a sipper not a guzzler so it’s important to me to be able to keep my drink cold over a long period of time and the colster fits the bill it works wonderfully for both cans and bottles not skinny bottles they slip out of the top and is very comfortable to hold highly recommended for everyone who wants to keep their drink cold and their

Hand warm i put her through the obstacles and strenuous test it’s legit kept my beer cold for over half an hour or more great to have in a hot humid environment i’m buying one for everyone this christmas a must-have arrived on time and as expected my issue as one was wrapped and the other wasn’t these are gifts so they needed to be identical would have been

Nice if both were plastic wrapped but that didn’t happen otherwise very cheap find and look great it’s original and have the can inside the sticker and instructions no complaints item as described it will fill stubby bottles i was nervous to order this when i read that everyone was getting a fake one but when i opened mine it was real it came with all the stuff a

Real yeti comes with and it also says designed in texas on the bottom yeti rambler is worth every penny cheaper of you by elsewhere though poor’s light can as too tall but still works love it one it will easily fit stubby bottles and coors like cans i have attached a pick of a fatty natty stubby in the colster too do not throw away the pop top can inside it

Is used to hold regular 12 ounces bottles and keep them from rattling inside i love my real authentic yeti 30 ounces rambler and beer rambler colster as i took pictures of the bottom of my new yetis the scan code on the bottom took me directly to the yeti website to register my products real i have no idea why people are complaining these not the real thing the

Main reason i bought my yeti was to able to put my essential oils in my water i was razor on tervis tumblers and i have 30 plus but you can’t put essential oils in them i’ve wanted a yeti for years but always held back because of the price click link in description for more reviews please click the link below for more information please subscribe to my channel

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YETI Rambler Colster, Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel Drink Insulator By SRS66