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your skin but better | enhanced skin minimal base tutorial

Hello! This is my version of a minimal base with an ‘effortless’ glow.

Hey welcome back to my channel my name is samantha and in today’s video i just wanted to do a little bit of a tutorial of how i’ve been doing my base lately since my skin has cleared up quite a bit i still have some scarring here and there which is normal dealing with you know acne and whatnot so i’m actually going to be taking to beit’s products that are kind

Of contradictory but i do strategically place them that way they can benefit my skin as needed so the two products i’ll be taking is the for sally rose gold elixir and the original smashbox photo-finish this is just really great for the pores and this is gonna give us a nice hydrated glow in the outskirts of the face that way it’s not so you know bland and flat

I just give us a little shake and i do like to buy miniatures of products because i feel that whenever i do purchase a full-sized it’ll be kind of hard for me to really use it up since i do have quite a bit of makeup not as much as a lot of people out here but i do have a lot for myself since i don’t wear makeup everyday and i’ll just be placing this like on the

High points of my face and on the outskirts really avoiding those places where i have pooris which would be right in my cheek area if you’re new here i am on accutane currently and it is making my skin pretty dry of eczema on my arms now i have some excellent patches here nothing too crazy or out of this world but you know they are still side-effects that i am

Trying to cope with the next primer i like to just use this right where i have the most pores and i also like to push in kind of backwards just do like a rolling motion i will be skipping the concealer today just to make this a more lightweight really quick base and i will be going right into my anastacio contour kit i adore this i’ll just be taking this dark

Shade and i just take it with my finger and i grab quite a bit i’ll find right where the hollow of my cheek is should be right here and i’ll go right above it so right in this region and it is pretty intense and i do leave it this way for the most part i blend it out just a little bit with the brush but otherwise i will leave it like this and you will see why and

So will just blend it a little bit up here on my tongue fall and your really right back into the hairline for the foundation i love us punishment been using it all year here and there but it is the smashbox video skin 15-hour we’re hydrating foundation and it gets its own a little close up this makes your face look like skin i don’t know how it doesn’t but it does

It so i’ll just take a little bit it’s not even a full pump and i’ll just put it right over and i do not put foundation all over my face i haven’t never done that i only put it where i really absolutely need it so i will not put foundation on my forehead on my chin or my nose and lately i’ve been using the elf powder brush and it’s a flat brush but it is i’m not

As dense as like you take my brush that i normally use and i you see is all the time for my foundation and i have recently rediscovered all that i do is just tap it right in i do not swipe it i just tap it and i tap it right over that bronze and then when i do get into the bronze i will do a little bit of a swirl just to blend it together and then down here will

Also do a little swirl that is the foundation blend it in with the contour it’s very very easy you don’t have to really be precise whenever you’re putting the bronzer underneath your foundation since you are blending it right whenever you’re blending the foundation into your face well i’m just gonna finish off my skin with some powder products and if you’ve watched

My sephora mini sephora haul video i will leave it in a link down below and i’ll probably put it in a card on either side i did purchase the natasha turn it up diamond glow oh my god i finally bought those i’m so happy you don’t even understand how happy i was i don’t know why makeup makes me feel this way but it does i purchased this for the shade specifically

But i did use this shade and it does have a gold sheen to it whenever you are applying it as a blush which is what i did i didn’t use it as like a highlighter i did it as a full blush and it was pretty had a pink tone the prettiest the prettiest glow i have ever seen this reminded me a lot of the frente diamond bomb i’ll insert a picture here it’s kind of like a

Putty material i saw in sephora i’ve heard so many river views about it and i was so close to purchasing it until i saw this and i swatched it and it just reminds me a lot of it like it’s not exact i don’t believe but it is very very similar and i really wanted that diamond effect so i purchased this instead how do you rave about a product and then it pullings

Out of the packaging i guess i wanted me to feel the texture because it is sort of putty like since you know just molded this back into the pan so now it’s all lumpy but i guess i’m gonna use what i have on my finger here supply that i’m just gonna take some blush and this is the mac blush in mocha then i’ll apply some of the diamond and glow over top of this

Blush i’m just doing this because the diamond and glow itself it’s a little bit strong and i really want a blush base down before i apply that and sometimes i do like to apply my highlighter before blush that way the blush because normally i’d do a matte blush a blood two right over that highlight and it won’t be as stark we’re gonna go into the blush side now

I’ll write you guys so that completes this base makeup look i hope that you enjoyed it and i hope that you learned something and don’t forget to subscribe before you leave if you would like to see some more videos for me i would love to have you yeah thank you so much for watching didn’t bring a mirror which is always smart okay you can’t plan for that stuff you just can’t

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your skin but better | enhanced skin minimal base tutorial By SamSelene